• Review the elementary level educational specifications for the Bellingham Public Schools. These specifications are used to describe the district’s elementary school program; and
  • Following the completion of the elementary educational specifications, review and provide feedback on schematic and design development drawings for the Parkview Elementary rebuild project.

Basis for Establishment:

  • Prior to designing a school, a complete and accurate description of the desired educational program, instructional activities, as well as the functional, spatial and environmental needs related to the school must be established. This detailed description is referred to as educational specifications. Educational specifications help clarify and direct the scope of work and design requirements for the architects, engineers, and other professionals working on the building design and site plan.

Decision-Making Process: 

  • We are a recommending body to the superintendent.

Plan of Work and Timeline:

  • The committee will work with the architects on the educational specifications and design elements related to the school.
  • Work on the educational specifications will begin in May 2018 and continue through the summer and fall. Schematic design for the new school will be completed by September 30, 2018.
  • Initial joint meetings with the Alderwood Elementary Educational Specifications and Design Advisory Committee to review the standard/districtwide educational specifications that apply to all new elementary schools in the District.
  • Subsequent Parkview Committee only meetings will focus on site/building specific unique items associated with the new Parkview Elementary.
  • 4-8 meetings (2 hours each) are anticipated for this phase of committee work.
    • 1-3 initial meetings on Thursdays with the Alderwood Elementary Educational Specifications and Design Advisory Committee. May 17, 31 and June 7; 3 – 5 p.m.
    • Parkview Committee only meetings will continue on Thursdays June 14, 21 and 28; 3 – 5 p.m.
    • Evening Community Meetings; dates and times TBD
    • Additionally, 1-3 meetings during July and August may be necessary; dates and times TBD


  • Kate Mills, Fifth Grade Teacher
  • Nick Castona, PE Teacher
  • Jennifer Herndon-Schepper, Fourth Grade Teacher
  • Tiffany Knudsen, Second Grade Teacher
  • Cindy Batdorf, School Secretary
  • Wendy Albrecht, Paraeducator – Resource Room
  • Cindy Scott, Parkview Parent
  • Alisson Bonner, Parkview Parent
  • Jon Tesarik, Parkview Parent
  • Seth Vidana, Parkview  Parent
  • Candy Smith, Parkview neighbor
  • Janice Biletnikoff, Park Planning and Development Coordinator for Bellingham Parks and Recreation
  • Nicole Oliver, Parks Development Manager for Bellingham Parks and Recreation
  • Brian Smart, Planner II for City of Bellingham
  • Lynn Heimsoth, Sunnyland Principal
  • Kristi Dominguez, Director of Teaching and Learning, Early Childhood
  • Steve Clarke, Assistant Superintendent, Teaching and Learning
  • Simone Sangster, Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Operations
  • Lisa Gilchrist, Communications Technician, Communications and Community Relations
  • Jonah Stinson, Director of School Safety and Emergency Management
  • Bill Palmer, Director of Teaching and Learning – Technology Integration
  • Kurt Gazow, Executive Director of Technology
  • Mike Anderson, Director of Buildings and Grounds
  • Curtis Lawyer, Capital Projects Manager
  • Julie Denton, Executive Secretary School Facilities and Capital Projects
  • Mylo Allen, Parkview Principal, Co-Chair
  • Ron Cowan, Executive Director of Capital Projects and School Facilities, Co-Chair
  • Terry Brown, Zervas Group Architects


  • Regular meeting attendance.
  • Respectful and collaborative interactions with committee members.

Meeting Dates/Minutes

Budget Implications:

  • Provide substitutes for staff as applicable.


May 3, 2018: Facilities Update

May 4, 2018: Call for Applications

May 31, 2018: Invitation to Community Meeting

June 6, 2018 Community Meeting Agenda, Presentation, Minutes

Oct. 11, 2018: Facilities Update

Jan. 30, 2019: Facilities Update

March 13, 2019: Facilities Update

May 13, 2019: Invite to Project Meeting

May 13, 2019: Invite to Project Meeting (letter)

Dec. 11, 2019: Facilities Update

Feb. 28, 2020: Parkview Update

Supporting Documentation:

Dec. 2019: Site Plan

Dec. 2019: Gym Render

Dec. 2019: Gym Render 2

Bellingham Public Schools Elementary Ed Specs Meeting Master Agenda

Alderwood/Parkview Meeting 1 Presentation

Alderwood/Parkview Committee Norms

Alderwood/Parkview Elementary School Model

Alderwood/Parkview Ed Spec/Design Advisory Meeting 1 Homework

Alderwood/Parkview Narrative Program

Alderwood/Parkview Detailed Space Requirements

Alderwood/Parkview Narrative Program Meeting 2

Alderwood/Parkview Detailed Space Requirements Meeting 2

Alderwood/Parkview Overview Planned Safety & Security Improvements

Detailed Numeric Program

Revised Parkview Detailed Numeric Program 6.20.18

Elementary School Gym Cafeteria Size

Parkview Detailed Numeric Program 6.20.18

Revised Detailed Space Requirements 6.19.18

Revised Narrative Program 6.19.18

Design Goals

Parkview Educational Specifications 2018

FRC/PTA/Social Service Flex Space 

Parkview Meeting 7 Presentation

Nov. 5, 2018 Project Update Summary

Parkview Site Plan Concept Feb. 2019

Parkview Floor Plan Concept Feb. 2019

Parkview Site Plan March 2019

Parkview Floor Plan March 2019

Parkview Neighborhood Meeting Presentation May 2019

June 13, 2019: Parkview Recommended Schematic Design and Site Plan