• Review and possibly update the elementary level educational specificatons created by the Bellingham School District in August 2006. These specifications are used to describe the district’s elementary school program; and
  • Following the completion of the elementary educational specifications,  review and provide feedback on schematic and design development drawings for the Birchwood Elementary project.

Basis for Establishment:

  • Prior to designing a school, a complete and accurate description of the desired educational program, instructional activities, as well as the functional, spatial and environmental needs related to school must be established. This detailed description is referred to as Educational Specifications. Educational Specifications help clarify and direct the scope of work and design requirements for the architects, engineers, and other professionals working on the building design and site plan.

Decision-Making Process:

  • Final decisions about the educational specifications, as well as the school design and site plan, will be made by the Board of Directors based on recommendations from the Superintendent.

Plan of Work:

  • The Committee will work with the architects on the Educational Specifications and design elements related to the school.
  • Work on the Educational Specifications will begin in March 2012 and be completed by June 30, 2012. 4-6 meetings (half or full day) are anticipated for this phase of committee work.

Summary of work to date includes:

  • Six committee meetings have been completed to draft educational specifications for Birchwood. The goal is to finalize these specifications with the committee before the end of this school year.

Meeting Topics:

March 20

  • Introductions
  • Ed Spec Process
  • Brainstorming session: Vision and Goals

March 29

  • Review and comment on Vision and Goals
  • Numeric Program / Current Space Use versus Needs

April 12

  • Finalize Numeric Program
  • General Classrooms

April 19

  • Kindergarten / Pre-school
  • Pull out / Book room
  • Waiting / Reception / Secretary / Work room / Storage room

April 26 (Specialists / Special Ed)

  • Principal’s Office / Conference Room / Time-out Study Alcove
  • Health room
  • Faculty Room / Faculty Restrooms
  • Library
  • Gym/PE

May 3 (Building Services / Circulation / Outdoor Play)

  • Cafeteria / Stage
  • Kiln / Art Storage
  • Specialists
  • Resource Room / Special Education Classrooms
  • Title/Intervention
  • Restrooms

Ad Hoc Committee Members:

The committee will consist of these regular members:

  • Assistant Superintendent Ron Cowan, Co-Chair
  • Micah Smith, Co-Chair
  • Brett Greenwood, Business Manager
  • Manuel Babayan, Facilities Projects Manager
  • Representative from Department of Teaching and Learning
  • Certificated staff: Kristi Dominguez, Carolyn Hinshaw, Kelly Morgan, Danene Park, Susan Feemster
  • Parent/community members: April Barker, Suzanne Carlson, Carissa Conour, Stephanie Twiford, Darrell Gray
  • Classified staff: Julie Denton, Sally Runestrand
  • Manager/program administrators: Mark Dalton, Ralph Hayden, Bethany Verner, Mike Anderson
  • John Jones, Dykeman Architects
  • Kelly Smith, Dykeman Architects
  • Zach Ham, Dykeman Architects

Responsibilities of Committee Members:

  • Regular meeting attendance
  • Respectful and collaborative interactions with committee members

Budget Implications:

  • Provide substitutes for staff as applicable.

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