Last Updated Jan. 24, 2013: The 2013-14 school year calendar is currently being developed by this committee with input. The committee gathered input from students, staff and parents in January 2013 on the two scenarios posted on the right and is processing this information. We expect to publish and share the calendar in March.

The committee gathers data and stakeholder input regarding certificated staff work calendars, student school year start/end dates, and holiday break schedules. The committee uses this data to develop calendar options and to make a recommendation to the superintendent and BEA president for an annual school calendar.

Basis for Establishment
The BEA/District collective bargaining agreement requires establishment of the committee and spells out parameters for the decision-making process.  The agreement also outlines the process for gathering data from a range of constituent groups, including classified staff and families.

Committee Type
Standing Contractual Committee

Meeting Information
The committee convenes every two years to develop and adopt the school calendar. Generally, the committee meets five to six times during the year, from October through February.  The committee will begin the cycle for development and recommendation of the 2013-14 school calendar in the fall of 2012.  As they become available, timelines and stakeholder feedback forms will be available on the district website.

Committee Members:

BEA Representatives:

  • Shirley Potter, BEA President
  • Sheryl Binning, teacher, Northern Heights Elementary School
  • Carolyn Heywood, teacher, Shuksan Middle School
  • Stanley Kreft, teacher, Squalicum High School
  • Lisa Peterson, teacher, Northern Heights Elementary School

Student/Family Representatives:

  • Patrick Gibson, student, Squalicum High School
  • Rachel Williams, parent, Happy Valley Elementary and Fairhaven Middle School

District Administrative Representatives

  • Steve Morse, Principal, Roosevelt Elementary School
  • Jeff Vaughn, Principal, Bellingham High School
  • Nora Klewiada, Executive Director, Human Resources
  • Rob McElroy, Executive Administrator, Dept. of Teaching and Learning
  • Tanya Rowe, Executive Director, Communications and Community Relations

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