Standing Committee


  • Provides price approval to proposed in-service education programs on the basis that the proposed programs are designed to meet the program standards set forth WAC 180-85-200.
  • Review in-service education program evaluations.
  • Make suggestions for improving the quality of the in-service education programs.

Basis for Establishment:

  • WAC 180-85-200 In-service education approval standards

Decision Making:

  • Decides whether a clock hour in-service proposal meets the program standards and can be provided.
  • Determines that a clock hour in-service should not be repeated based on program evaluations.


  • Meet quarterly to make prior approval of clock hour in-service proposals – October, December, March, and May.
  • Review clock hour proposals on-line and approve.


  • Knowledge of clock hour in-service process and qualifications to be approved.
  • Ability to evaluate quality programs that meet the guidelines set forth in WAC 180-85-200.


  • Administrator-Jim Facciano
  • Building Principal-TBA
  • Teacher-TBA
  • Classified and Support Personnel-Maris Holmgren
  • Community Member-TBA


  • Meet quarterly to review and approve clock hour in-service proposals.
  • Read clock hour proposals online.
  • Provide evaluations.


  • October 4 to approve Fall in-service proposals.
  • December 6 to approve Winter in-service proposals.
  • March 1 to approve Spring in-service proposals.
  • May 10 to approve Summer in-service proposals.

Budget Implications: