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Committee Charter


  • Investigate new technologies to foster 21st Century skills in students, teachers and administrators;
  • Assess the needs of the district to identify specific goals/targets for technology upgrade, acquisition, integration and support;
  • Review the current District Technology Plan to identify and prioritize issues related to target areas;
  • Draft recommendations in support of how to allocate technology levy funds associated with infrastructure, integration, innovation, and professional development; and
  • Develop the 2013-2016 District Technology Plan defining our future vision of technology integration and usage.

Basis for Establishment:

In February 2012, voters renewed a capital projects levy, providing four years of funding beginning in the spring 2013, for technology infrastructure improvements, staffing, professional development and innovative learning.

Decision-Making Process:

  • Recommend 2013-16 District Technology Plan to the superintendent.
  • Research and monitor implementation of the technology plan.

Plan of Work:

  • December 2012: Establish membership through a call for applications process.
  • January 2013: Committee meets bi-monthly or as needed.
  • Following each meeting, minutes and committee materials will be published on the district website.
  • Between meetings, members will communicate with and gather input from stakeholders to inform the process.
  • Annually the committee will review, monitor and revise the technology plan status and report to the superintendent.

Planning Committee Members:

  • Kirstin Copeland – Librarian, Elementary School
  • Tracy Shaw – Librarian, High School
  • Chuck DeVange – Librarian, Middle School
  • Brian Pahl – Teacher, Elementary School
  • Tim Stricklett – Teacher, Elementary School
  • Brian MacNevin – Teacher, Middle School
  • Jeff Thran/Joe Wooding – Teacher, Middle School
  • Carter Maden – Teacher, High School
  • Kristin O’Malley – Teacher, High School
  • Steve Morse – Administrator, Elementary School
  • Jeff Coulter – Administrator, Middle School
  • Linda Miller – Administrator, High School
  • Jim Facciano – Department of Teaching & Learning
  • Sue Thomas – Department of Teaching & Learning
  • Greg Verbarendse – Department of Educational Technology
  • Rob Freeman – Department of Educational Technology
  • Jason Alexander – Parent/Guardian, Elementary School
  • Darrel Lutton – Parent/Guardian, Middle School
  • Gil Lund – Parent/Guardian, Middle School
  • Michele Shenkin – Parent/Guardian, High School
  • Jim Straatman – Community Member
  • Michael Jay – Community Member
  • Paula Dagnon – Community Member
  • Sharon Camblin – Community Member
  • Charles Waller – High School Student
  • Connor McGreevy – High School Student
  • Julia DeVere – High School Student
  • Atrina Gharai – High School Student

Ralph Hayden, Director of Educational Technology, Libraries and Online Learning
Janae Hodge, Shuksan Middle School Assistant Principal
Tom Venable, Deputy Superintendent

Tanya Rowe, Communications and Community Relations Executive Director
Ron Cowan, Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Operations
Kathryn Weilage, Director of Business Services
John Getchell, Manager of Educational Technology and Network Services

Responsibilities of Committee Members:

  • Serve as a key communicator and liaison to stakeholder groups.
  • Be an active participant and learner, committed to attending all meetings.
  • Actively solicit and provide input from stakeholders to guide committee’s work.
  • Participate in cycle of research, analysis, recommendation and implementation.

Meeting Calendar:
Time and Location: 3 – 5 p.m., District Office, 1306 Dupont Street

Committee will meet semi-monthly on the second and fourth Tuesday through June.

January 15, 29
February 12, 26
March 12, 26
April 16, 30
May 14, 28
June 11

Ad hoc sub-committees would meet more frequently as needed.

Budget Implications:
Field trip travel expenses, conference registrations and expenses, webinars, coverage for subs, materials, etc.

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