• Develop and communicate a successful Family Engagement Model that is developmentally responsive to the needs of the students and families we serve.
  • Promote a robust partnership between home and school to increase student learning and student achievement through continuous communication of student progress and performance – academically and behaviorally.
  • Provide clarity and consistency related to the roles and expectations associated with staff and families within our new model.

Basis for Establishment:

To address the expressed concerns and confusion associated with the previous elementary conferencing model.

Decision-Making Process:

  • Collect survey data from elementary school Bellingham Education Association (BEA) members, administrators, and elementary school families.
  • Review survey data, research forms of family engagement and appropriate methods of professional development to support the model.
  • Develop clear understandings of what family engagement will look like at all elementary sites.
  • Using the survey feedback gathered from staff, administration, and families, coupled with the committee’s findings associated with the research and findings of best practice in the area of family engagement, the Elementary Conferences Committee will develop a new Family Engagement Model.
  • The recommended model will be shared with elementary staff and further feedback will be solicited to support the refinement of the proposed model prior to implementation in the 2012/13 school year.
  • The superintendent, based upon the committee’s work and input/preference feedback, will determine an elementary family engagement model, working jointly with BEA leadership on components that may affect the work schedule/workload.

Plan of Work, Timeline and Meeting Dates:

  • April 16 — Issue call for application to elementary school staff, administrators and families to serve on committee.
  • April 23 — Committee applications due.
  • April 23-25 — Committee chair and BEA president meet to review committee applications and recommend committee members to Superintendent.
  • April 20 — Begin survey of elementary school families, staff and administrators.
  • April 27 — Survey closes.
  • May 3, May 10, May 17 — Committee meets to review survey data and research other forms of engagement and alternate methods of professional development/communication that the district can provide for improved engagement and communication.
  • May 31 — Committee will complete its work and make recommendations to Superintendent.
  • May 17-May 31 — BEA leadership and Superintendent gather any additional input needed regarding impacts to work schedule/workload.
  • June 8 — A new model of Family Engagement is communicated with elementary staff, administrators and families.
  • District and building staff will plan and prepare for implementation of the new family engagement model beginning in the fall of the 2012-13 school year.

Task Force Members:

  • The committee will consist of these regular members:
    • Deputy Superintendent Tom Venable, Chair
    • Bellingham Education Association representation
    • One elementary teacher from each school
    • Two elementary administrator representatives
    • One parent representative from each elementary school
    • Ex-officio:  Executive Director of Teaching and Learning Steve Clarke
    • Ex-officio: Communications and Community Relations Director Tanya Rowe (J.Marie Riche substituting through May)

Responsibilities of Committee Members:

  • Regular meeting attendance
  • Communicate the content of the meetings and gather input from school staff as requested by the Committee
  • Respectful and collaborative interactions with committee members

Budget Implications:

  • Provide substitutes for staff as applicable.


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