• To create a system of elementary standards based practices for communicating &  reporting students progress to include the creation of:
    • a new elementary report card that is aligned to the common core standards and supports standards based practices
    • teacher companion documents to support effective standards based practices for instruction, assessing, reporting and communicating
    • parent guides to support the communication of student performance and to assist in common understanding of the learning standards for each grade level/student
  • Define and develop a successful model for engaging parents/guardians in on-going communication regarding their child’s learning progress and performance

Basis for Establishment:

The current report card no longer aligns with the current learning standards and instructional practices. This committee will further the work of the previous Elementary Report Card Committee (Jan 2011-Dec 2011) whose established work was based on the district’s strategic plan.

Decision-Making Process:

  • Committee work will utilize processes of consensus and input/feedback, with clear communication to members and staff regarding committee’s purpose, timelines, tasks, and progress.
  • The work will be consultative to the Department of Teaching and Learning.
  • The committee will report to the Deputy Superintendent of Teaching and Learning, Tom Venable and the Executive Director of Teaching and Learning, Steve Clarke.

Plan of Work:

  • February – Establish purpose, review past work, gather information, conduct research on best practices
  • March – Continue research on best practices, establish criteria for project outcomes; conduct formal two-way input to share and gather information from teachers and parents
  • April & May – Development of draft report card and accompanying work products; input gathered on drafts; subcommittee work as needed
  • June – Development of implementation plan, including work plan for continued development through teacher collaboration and calibration
  • August – Refinement work; Implementation Plan begins
  • 2012-2013 School Year:  Implementation of new elementary report card with ongoing, supported, focused professional development through teacher collaboration

February 2012 – June 2012:  Committee work to take place to support the successful implementation of a new elementary report card in the fall of 2012.  (see work plan for details)

Meeting Schedule and Information

Task Force Members

The committee will consist of 17-20 regular members.  Committee members will be selected to include representation of grade levels, content expertise, specialized groups (ELL, SpEd, etc), and range of teaching experiences.  Members of the past report card committee who are interested in continuing are encouraged to submit an interest form for participation.

  • 14 Elementary teacher representatives (one from each school), including a minimum of three Bellingham Education Association representatives
  • 1 Middle School representative, teacher or principal
  • 3 elementary principal representatives
  • Program Administrator, Trina Hall, facilitator/chair

The committee will consist of ex-officio members who will serve as consultants and contributors to the process, as well as collaboratively partner in the oversight of the committee work.

  • Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Jim Facciano
  • Research and Assessment Manager, Brian Rick
  • Director of  Education Technology, Ralph Hayden
  • District Literacy and Math TOSAs; District Science Representative
  • Communications and Community Relations Director, Tanya Rowe

The committee may call on content area specialists for contributions as necessary.  In addition, outside consultants will be involved on an as needed basis for presenting information and providing guidance to the committee in support of the work.

Click here for the application to join the committee.

Responsibilities of Committee Members:

  • Regular meeting attendance and active participation in the work of the committee, including whole group and small group committee work
  • Respectful and collaborative interactions with committee members
  • Support of a transparent process through regular communication with school staff on progress of the committee according to speaking points generated at each meeting and in accordance with posted committee notes
  • Support the involvement of all teachers by gathering input from school staff and families as determined and outlined in committee meetings

Budget Implications:

  • Books and materials for committee work
  • Substitutes release time for committee members to attend meetings
  • Curriculum rate of pay for committee meetings conducted outside of regular work hours
  • Funds and/or time for teacher collaboration around the work
  • Funds dedicated toward the development and creation of an electronic report card mechanism that interfaces with the student records system
  • 2012-2013 Budget implications during implementation will include dedicated teacher collaboration time (by grade level;  Sept-Jan monthly, Feb-June bi monthly)


  • Involvement of Parents and Families:  Parents will be involved through the Superintendent’s Parent Advisory Committee, as well as other family outreach for input.
  • Committee Meeting Dates and Times:  The committee will meet on Thursday afternoons twice per month, February through June.  The meetings will include a combination of half day afternoon meetings during the school day (with release time) and afterschool meeting times (with curriculum rate of pay).  See schedule specifics on committee web page.