• Revise/ develop mission, vision and core beliefs for the district-wide HCL Program
  • Assess/ revise the alignment of the HCL Program with state regulations and district goals and initiatives
  • Recommend and prioritize the development of an Enrichment Program Plan Grades 3-8 in addition to the HCL Program to the Superintendent
  • Create a three-year phase-in plan for implementation
  • HCLCommitteeInfo.pdf”>Committee Information


Meeting Dates:

Committee meets two days per month from January through May, 2009



Hui-Lin Chan and Debbie Gibbons – Community

Dana Lindquist, Stacie Melhorn, Kathy Mankle, Lizanne Schader, Jon Sitkin, Joanna NesbitKathlen Hennessy, and Meg metzger – Parents

Chuck DeVange – Middle School Teacher

Nicole Talley –  Elementary School Teacher

Jim Facciano – Curriculum Director

Darlene Gaffney and Peggy Taylor – HCL Program Facilitators

Ann Buswell – Middle School Assistant Principal

Steve Morse – Elementary School Principal

Susan Peterson – Director

Minutes: January 15, 2009

Minutes: January 27, 2009

Minutes: February 10, 2009

Minutes: March 24, 2009

Minutes: March 26, 2009

Status Report: April 2, 2009