• Review and clearly articulate goals and priorities of the Highly Capable Learners’ Program ( HCLP)
  • Identify and advocate for under-represented groups
  • Increase awareness of the characteristics and needs of our HCLP students
  • Evaluate current model and make recommendations to the Director of Curriculum and Instruction for improvements

Committee Type:

  • Ad Hoc Committee: Approved by the Superintendent to advise administrative staff on certain issues. It dissolves when the specific work is completed
    Basis for Establishment:
  • Feedback from staff and families gathered during the Superintendent’s Entry Plan process regarding the need to provide more options and challenges for advanced learners
    Decision Making:
  • Consultative to the Director of Curriculum and Instruction by committee members using the processes of consensus and input/feedback

Plan of Work:

  • Survey current status of the HCL Program
  • Research/site visit program models of similar size school districts in Washington State
  • Review the districts practices for child referral, identification, evaluation and service delivery
  • Become knowledgeable about research and best practices in gifted education
  • Develop a Professional Development plan that supports K-5 teachers in meeting the needs of their advanced students

Committee Members:

  • Nancy Smith, K-5 HCL Program TOSA
  • Missy Ferguson, Lowell Elementary Principal
  • Karen Tolliver, Happy Valley Elementary Principal
  • Jeff Hilburn, 5th grade teacher- Lowell Elementary
  • Lisabeth Chalmers, Title 1 teacher
  • Jeannie Dodd, Counselor-Alderwood Elementary
  • Sarah Fairchild, 3rd grade teacher- Roosevelt Elementary
  • Denise Binderup, 3rd grade teacher- Wade King Elementary

Responsibilities of Committee Members:

  • Regular meeting attendance
  • Communicate the content of the meetings and gather input from school staff as requested by the committee
  • Respectful and collaborative interactions with committee members


  • Communicate the purpose of the committee to district staff and families
  • Committee members serve as key communicators for the groups they represent
  • Post pertinent information on the district website to keep families informed
  • Use regular and ongoing surveys to communicate information and gather input from staff and families
  • Use district communication process to inform stakeholders of committee outcomes

Specific Meeting Schedule:

  • November 1st, Happy Valley
  • January 17th, Happy Valley
  • Remaining dates TBD.

Committee Budget Implications:

Support for staff to meet, including release time, printing, etc.