• Update the current K-5 report card to reflect updated Washington state standards
  • Create a companion document to the K-5 report card with grading rubrics to increase rater reliability
  • Provide an online access to electronic report card

Basis for Establishment:

  • Bellingham School District Strategic Plan

Decision Making:

  • Consultative to the Director of Curriculum and Instructional Technology by committee members using the processes of consensus and input/feedback


  • Begin with draft report card skeleton at each grade-level, K-5, created by a teacher on special assignment (TOSA).  Include example of K-5 standards-based report cards from other Washington state school districts for brainstorming.
  • Focus on mathematics, literacy, and science.
  • Dialogue to determine other needed or desirable report card contents, i.e. physical rducation/health, music, district/state assessment results, etc.)
  • Present latest updated draft of K-5 report card to each grade-level on the March 7 waiver day to collect districtwide teacher and administrative input.
  • Present resulting draft to Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) to the Superintendent for parent input.
  • Create final electronic K-5 report card online access.
  • Submit final result to Superintendent for approval.


The Committee will consist of 13 members:

  • 2 elementary school administrators
  • Teacher representatives: 2 from each grade level & covering as many schools as possible.
  • Co-Facilitators:  Director of Curriculum and district math, literacy, and  instructional technology coordinators.

Responsibilities of Committee Members

  • Regular meeting attendance
  • Communicate the content of the meetings and gather input from school staff as requested by the committee
  • Respectful and collaborative interactions with committee members


  • Communicate the purpose of the committee to district
  • Committee members serve as key communicators for the groups they represent
  • Post meeting minutes and recommendations on district web site
  • Use district communication process to inform stakeholders of committee outcomes


  • Meet during the school year
  • Dates and times: 1/14/11, 2/7/11, 2/28/11, waiver day 3/7/11, and 1 meeting post-waiver day.
  • Others scheduled as needed

Budget Implications:

  • Support for staff to meet, including release time, printing, etc.
  • Support for creation of electronic online access
  • Professional development for district staff  with rubric use and technology concerns.