This task force is no longer active because it completed its work. Following a process, the School Board selected the name Cordata Elementary School in June 2010.

The Elementary School Naming Task Force for Aldrich will review ideas for naming the new elementary school that have been gathered from students, parents, staff and the community by the established deadline.

The task force will use the established school-naming criteria in Board procedure 9250P to screen and select three to five names.  The task force will submit the three to five selections, including the rationale for each name, as a recommendation to the School Board. Final selection will be made by the School Board in June.

Task Force Members
Nash Bruner, Shuksan Middle School student
Adrienne Lederer, community representative and president of Guide Meridian/Cordata Neighborhood Association
Robin Baker, Birchwood Elementary School parent representative
Dave Adams, Birchwood Elementary School principal
Mary Anne Stuckart, Sunnyland Elementary School principal
Helena Quigley, Birchwood Elementary certificated staff member
Diane Kindle, Sunnyland Elementary certificated staff member
Amy Carder, ELL program facilitator
Matthew Read, classified staff representative from Buildings and Grounds
Tanya Rowe, chair, director of Communications & Community Relations

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