• Conduct an internal review of current Response to Intervention (RtI) practices across Bellingham Public Schools.
  • Develop common understandings of Response to Intervention across the PreK-5 system with a focus on literacy (Phase 1)
  • Develop a recommendation by June 2015, expand capacity and ability to respond to instruction including behavior and math during the next three to five years.

Basis for Establishment:

  • Further enact the collective commitment in The Bellingham Promise to educate all students at high levels.
  • Develop consistency of support for all learners (students and teachers) through an aligned, differentiated, data-driven approach.
  • Adhere to the federal and state laws, implement best practice research and the district strategic plan to prioritize high quality teaching differentiated to meet the unique needs of every student.

Decision-Making Process:

  • Recommending group to the superintendent and executive team.

Plan of Work:

  • Publicize group and share with stakeholders
  • Meeting #1: Set mission for Year 1: review research toward drafting of a vision defining RtI as the process of learning for all.
  • Meeting #2: Continue review of best practices identifying additional information desired Meeting
  • #3: Data analysis continued
  • Meeting #4: Draft completion of district process for students and for teachers
  • Meeting #5: Draft recommendation for input from others
  • #6: Use of input to refine recommendation and continuation of research toward RtI supports
  • Share recommendations (initial and long-term) with superintendent, executive team and Department of Teaching and Learning
  • Plan for implementation of recommendations for fall 2015
  • Work resumes with broader represented team in fall 2015 adding behavior component PreK-5. Math and further extensions will be added as the committee members/facilitators determine readiness and capacity.
  • Keep stakeholders informed throughout the process


  • Dawn Christiana: Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA), P-5 Literacy, co-chair
  • Mike Haberman: Director, Dept. of Teaching and Learning, co-chair
  • Stephanie Korn: Director, Dept. of Teaching and Learning, co-chair
  • Pam Pottle: Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA), P-5 Literacy
  • Trina Hall: Principal, Sunnyland Elementary
  • Nicole Talley: Principal, Silver Beach Elementary
  • Amy Carder: Director, Dept. of Teaching and Learning
  • Jeanette Grisham: Assistant Principal, Bellingham High School
  • Jan Dustrude: Special Education Teacher
  • James Walsh: Special Education Teacher
  • Maria Griggs: TEacher on Special Assigment (TOSA), Highly Capable Program
  • Krysten Wagner: Literacy Support Teacher, Northern Heights Elementary
  • John Kane-Ronning: Literacy Interventionist, Carl Cozier Elementary
  • Lisa D’Hondt: Literacy Intervention Teacher, Sunnyland Elementary
  • Brian Hoelzen: School Psychologist, Columbia Elementary, Geneva Elementary, Kulshan Middle School
  • Yana Mansfield: ELL Specialist, Columbia Elementary, Cordata Elementary
  • Andrea Quigley: ELL Specialist, Northern Heights Elementary
  • Carissa Jangard: Special Education Teacher, Wade King Elementary
  • Stephanie Johnson: Teacher, Wade King Elementary
  • Liane Koester: Teacher, Lowell Elementary
  • Katherine Kortlever: Teacher, Geneva Elementary
  • Sara Buetow: Community Representative
  • Victoria Bressette-Reeb: Secretary, Sehome High School
  • Charlton Tarver: Community Representative
  • Jessie Burton: Parent Representative
  • Nicole Seegers: Parent Representative
  • Marsha Riddle Buly: WWU Woodring, ad hoc


  • Attend all sessions to engage in learning about RtI as a process with the perspective of group representation
  • Adhere to group norms for effective collaboration and decision-making
  • Communicate learning and information to constituents as collaboratively determined
  • Read material or complete tasks between sessions for participation in each meeting

Timeline: All meetings are from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m.

Publicize December 2014
Meeting #1: Jan. 7, 2015 – Meeting Minutes [1], Attachment [2], Attachment [3] Meeting #2: Feb. 11, 2015 – Meeting Minutes [4]
Meeting #3: March 4, 2015 – Meeting Minutes [5]
Meeting #4: March 25, 2015 – Meeting Minutes [6]
Meeting #5: April 15, 2015 – Meeting Minutes [7], Attachment [8], Attachment [9], Meeting #6: May 6, 2015
Recommendation shared [10]

Budget Implications:

  • No substitutes required
  • Secretary flex-time for note taking