• Clearly articulate the Bellingham School District (BSD) core K-12 Social Studies Program
  • Focus for 2010-2011:  Middle School Social Studies Grades 6-8, High School US History
  • Create a three year plan for implementation, professional development, and resource adoptions

Basis for Establishment:  Bellingham School District Strategic Plan

Decision Making:

  • Consultative to the Director of Curriculum and Instructional Technology by committee members using the processes of consensus and input/feedback


  • Survey current status of K-12 Social Studies Program
  • Establish core beliefs and goals of BSD K-12 Social Studies Program
  • Create grade level curriculum maps to provide district wide consistency, learning sequences and equity
  • Clearly articulate the BSD Core Social Studies Program
  • Develop a professional development plan that supports teachers in implementing the BSD Social Studies program
  • Recommend common formative and summative assessments and timelines
  • Draft steps and a timeline to implement recommendations
  • Submit recommendations and plan to Superintendent for approval

Committee Members:   The committee will consist of 17 members:

  • 2 School Administrators
  • 6 Social Studies teacher representatives- 2 from each middle school
  • 2 Primary teachers
  • 2 Intermediate teachers
  • 4 High school US history teachers
  • Facilitator:  Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Responsibilities fo Committee Members:

  • Regular meeting attendance
  • Communicate the content of the meetings and gather input from building staff as requested by the committee
  • Respectful and collaborative interactions with committee memebers


  • Communicate the purpose of the committee to the district
  • Committee members serve as key communicators for the groups they represent
  • Post meeting minutes and recommendations on district website
  • Use district communication process to inform stakeholders of committee outcomes


  • Meeting during the school year
  • Dates and times:   12/02/10, 01/06/11, 02/03/11, 03/03/11, 04/14/11, 05/05/11:  8:30 – 11:30
  • Others scheduled as needed

Budget Implications:

  • Support for staff to meet, including release time, printing, etc.
  • Adoption of instructional materials and supplemental resources

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