Review and possibly update the educational specifications created for the Bellingham School District in July 2007 that were used to describe the district’s middle school program.  The Committee will provide input to the architect associated with the middle-level instructional program.

Basis for Establishment
Rebuild Whatcom Middle School  following the November 5, 2009, fire. Review the programmatic, functional, spatial, and environmental requirements of the middle school program.  Clarify and direct the scope of work and design requirements for the architects, engineers, and other professionals working on the building design.  Educational specifications include a thorough, in-depth explanation of curriculum goals and instructional activities that occur within the middle-level learning environment.  A detailed description of the educational program enables complete and accurate descriptions of functional and spatial needs resulting in a successful design.

Committee Type
The Whatcom Middle School Educational Specifications Ad Hoc Committee meets to advise the Superintendent on this specific issue; it dissolves when this work is completed. (October 2010)

Meeting Information
The Whatcom Middle School Educational Specifications Ad Hoc Committee meets monthly.


  • Jeff Coulter – Co-chair
    Whatcom Middle School Planning Principal and Columbia Principal
  • Doug Kyles – Co-chair
    Executive Director School Administration
  • Ethan Behee
    Seventh Grade Student, Whatcom Middle School
  • Ann Buswell
    Assistant Principal, Whatcom Middle School
  • Ron Cowan
    Assistant Superintendent, Business and Operations
  • Mary Davis
    Community Member
  • Brad Johnson
    Chair, Depart. of Physics, Western Washington University
  • Robert Knickrehm
    6th Grade Math/Science Teacher, Whatcom Middle School
  • Warner Lucas
    Head Custodian, Whatcom Middle School
  • Josh Meese
    Physical Education Teacher, Whatcom Middle School
  • Adele Pears
    Secretary to the Principal, Whatcom Middle School
  • Darilyn Sigel
    Librarian/6th Grade Teacher, Whatcom Middle School
  • Shelley Sulkin
    8th  Grade Science Teacher, Whatcom Middle School
  • James Walsh
    Special Education Teacher, Whatcom Middle School
  • Leora Willis
    Art Teacher, Whatcom Middle School
  • Jim Zurcher
    8th Grade Core Teacher, Whatcom Middle School

Ed Spec Facilitators
John Jones, Dykeman Architects
Kelli Smith Dykeman Architects

For more information, please contact Jeff Coulter at 676-5500.
If you would like a copy of the WMS Educational Specifications, call Olivia Kennedy at 676-6500.

Ad Hoc Committee Description