• Develop criteria and process for selection of district-wide staff and community partners annual Promise Awards and revise, if necessary.
  • Propose districtwide staff and community partners annual Promise Award recipients to the superintendent.

Committee Type:

  • The Promise Awards Advisory Group is approved to do specific annual work.


  • Each spring, the Promise Awards Advisory Group meets to set criteria for the annual Promise Awards and score nominees.

Committee Members:

  • Melissa Peterson, Roosevelt Elementary School Title I Reading Teacher
  • Wendy Albrecht, Parkview Elementary Paraeducator, Special Education
  • Sam Stapleton-Cousens, Birchwood Elementary School Kindergarten Teacher
  • Rebecca Sauter, Paraeducator Intervention Team
  • Eric Paige, Shuksan Middle School Associate Principal
  • Kim Kirk, Sehome High School Social Studies Teacher
  • Jeff McKenna, Bellingham High School Prevention Specialist
  • Linda Short, Bellingham High School Choir Teacher
  • Ronni Weston, Options High School Special Education Teacher
  • Byron Gerard, Options High School Principal
  • Veronica Douglas, Community Member/Volunteer Representative
  • Jeff Tetrick, Director of Career and Technical Education
  • Isabel Meaker, Special Assistant to the Superintendent for Family Engagement
  • Denise Suess, Risk Management/Fiscal Support Coordinator
  • Advisory Group Chair, Jacqueline Brawley




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