• Review each school’s Routes to School plan as per WAC 392-151-017.

Basis for Establishment:

  • Support routes to school plans is most effective when coordinated with multiple local partners including students, parents, and representatives from the city.
  • The group will provide guidance on walk/bike routes to school, and any associated alternative transportation safety issues. Members will utilize local knowledge and existing transportation matrices, including the walk route evaluation tool, to examining routes to school.

Decision-Making Process and Timeline:

  • The group will provide route advisory input to district leadership, based on existing decision-making guidelines.

Plan of Work and Timeline:

  • Ongoing work. Standing group to meet at least twice a year.
  • Advisory group will convene on additional occasions as needed.
  • The group will start in May 2018. Meetings will be held on Thursdays 9:30-11:30 a.m.


Per WAC 392-151-017 Membership may include the following areas: school administration; law enforcement; traffic engineering; and school-parent organizations.

  • School Administrator(s), ad-hoc depending on the area(s) under review
  • Shannon McCarty, Parent
  • Cory Blackwood, Parent
  • Paul Chamberlain, Parent
  • Mary Anderson, Transit Planner, Whatcom Transportation Authority
  • Kirsten Wert, Smart Trips Program Coordinator
  • Eric Johnston, Assistant Public Works Director, City of Bellingham
  • Chad Schulhauser, City Engineer/ Assistant Director, City of Bellingham
  • Kimberley Remsing, Transportation Operations Supervisor
  • Jessica Sankey, Director, Teaching and Learning – Wellness
  • Dana Smith, Communications Manager
  • Simone Sangster, Assistant Superintendent, Co-Chair
  • Rae Anne Thon, Transportation Director, Co-Chair
  • Jonah Stinson, Director, School Safety & Emergency Management, Co-chair
  • Other entities like Bellingham Police patrol division will be consulted as needed


  • Attend all meetings and work collaboratively with group members.

Meeting Dates/Minutes:

Budget Implications:

  • Any advisory input that has corresponding budget implications will be assessed by district leadership when applicable.