• Review the standard elementary level educational specifications for the Bellingham Public Schools that apply to all new elementary schools in the district which were developed during spring 2018. These specifications are used to describe the district’s elementary school program; and
  • Recommend possible revisions to the elementary level educational specifications due to specific program requirements associated with Sunnyland Elementary School; and
  • Following the completion of the elementary educational specifications, review and provide feedback on schematic and design development drawings for the Sunnyland Elementary rebuild project.

Basis for establishment:

  • Prior to designing a school, a complete and accurate description of the desired educational program, instructional activities, as well as the functional, spatial and environmental needs related to the school must be established. This detailed description is referred to as educational specifications. Educational specifications help clarify and direct the scope of work and design requirements for the architects, engineers, and other professionals working on the building design and site plan.

Decision-making process:

  • We are a recommending body to the superintendent.

Plan of work/timeline:

  • The committee will work with the architects on the educational specifications and design elements related to the school.
  • Work on the educational specifications will begin in December 2019 and continue through the winter/spring 2020. Schematic design for the new school will be completed before the end of the 2019-20 school year.
  • Sunnyland Educational Specifications/Design Advisory Committee meetings will focus on site/building specific unique items associated with the new Sunnyland Elementary.
  • 4-6 meetings (2 hours each) are anticipated.
    • Meetings will be held on Wednesdays from 3-5 p.m. Dec. 4, Dec. 18, Jan. 22, Jan. 29, Feb. 5 and Feb. 19.
    • Evening Community Meetings; Feb. 12, 2020
    • Additional meetings as necessary; dates and times TBD



  • Courtney Gates, Fifth Grade Teacher
  • Lillian Harris, Administrative Assistant to the Principal
  • Haley Silva, Music Specialist
  • Sunita Sinclair, Head Custodian
  • Heather Smith, Special Education Teacher
  • Kim Sutherland, First Grade Teacher
  • Rachel Bjarnason, parent
  • Ted Clifton, parent
  • Todd Osborn, parent
  • Adam Van Ness, parent
  • Lindsay Kershner, planner with City of Bellingham Planning and Community Development
  • Laine Potter, Park Planning and Development Coordinator for Bellingham Parks and Recreation
  • Mike Anderson, Director of Buildings and Grounds
  • Corey Ayers, Capital Projects Manager
  • Jackie Brawley, Executive Director of Communications and Community Relations
  • Kristi Dominiguez, Executive Director of Teaching and Learning
  • Kurt Gazow, Executive Director of Educational Technology
  • Mike Haberman, Director of Special Education
  • Jonah Stinson, Director of School Safety and Emergency Management
  • Zach Ham, Dykeman Architects
  • Miranda Otto, Dykeman Architects
  • Amy Berreth, Sunnyland principal, Co-Chair
  • Curtis Lawyer, Director of Capital Projects, Co-Chair


  • Regular meeting attendance.
  • Respectful and collaborative interactions with committee members.

Budget implications:

  • Provide substitutes for staff as applicable.