• Provide input and process the design elements associated with improvements to the Transportation Garage.

Basis for Establishment:

  • As part of the bond approved by voters on November 5, 2013, the existing Transportation Garage will be renovated/replaced with a new facility.

Decision-Making Process:

  • Advisory to the superintendent regarding decisions related to design of the new Transportation Garage.

Plan of Work:

  • Three to five meetings during the day beginning in March 2017 and culminating by the end of April 2017
  • Meet to develop recommended design elements
  • Work with project designers to design the improvements for the Transportation Garage
  • Help communicate and gather input from stakeholders, primarily Transportation staff

Meeting Dates:

2016-17 School Year

2017-18 School Year


  • Ron Cowan, Executive Director of Capital Projects, Co-Chair
  • Rae Anne Thon, Director of Transportation, Co-Chair
  • Richard Drost, Transportation Shop Foreman
  • David Vanderyacht, Transportation Mechanic
  • Bruce Henninger, School Bus Driver
  • Mike Bozzo, Fleet and Facilities Director, Whatcom Transportation Authority
  • Terry Brown, Zervas Group Architects


  • Regular meeting attendance
  • Respectful and collaborative interactions with committee members

Budget Implications:

  • Possible substitute driver costs and travel costs to visit other Transportation Garages.
  • Expenses will be paid from 2013 Bond funds.