Completing the Required Student Device Check-Out Form in Skyward

This form must be signed before your student may take their device home. This applies to all middle and high school devices.

1. Login to Skyward Family Access. Click “Information Updates” on the left side of the screen.


2. Parent’s will access the forms area in one of two ways:

a. If you’ve never filled out forms in Family Access, a dialog box will open; when this happens, click on your child’s name.

childs name



b. If you’ve completed online forms in Skyward before, click ‘Information Updates’ and click ‘Mark Information Updates as not completed…’

             Image that says "Mark Information Updates as not completed"


3. Complete any required updates shown on the right side of the screen. Complete the form called “Student Device Check-Out Form.” Your child’s information will be pre-filled in the form. Tip: It is easiest to complete the forms by clicking the “View Full Screen” button.

     Screenshot of Skyward.

4. Discuss each agreement in the form with your child before having them electronically sign the form.


5. Scroll down to have your child sign electronically, then complete your Parent/Guardian electronic signature.


      Student Use Agreement Form in Skyward.


6. Your form is not complete until you click the [Complete Step ] button at the top of the screen. Click the button to submit this form.

     Complete step 3 and move to step 4.

Bill Palmer

Director of Teaching and Learning – Integration Technology



Educational Technology