Bellingham Public Schools’ budget is prepared in accordance with the laws and legal requirements of the school district board, Washington state and the federal government. The budget is a moral document that expresses how the school district will direct limited resources to achieve the goals described in The Bellingham Promise, our strategic plan.

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ASB Fund Balance Reports

Associated Student Body (ASB) funds are public monies raised on behalf of students, and are used for optional, extra-curricular events of a cultural, athletic, recreational, or social nature.  In general, carryover amounts from one year to another are due to anticipated expenditures for student activities which take more than a year of fundraising.  These funds are not available for curricular, or graded student activities.

This financial report reflects the detailed ASB account balances by school. Beginning balances are as of September 1 and ending balances are as of August 31 for each year. The current year report is unaudited, and may not reflect final ending balances for the year.

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ASB Extracurricular Reports

2018-19 ASB Extracurricular Report

2019-20 ASB Extracurricular Report

2020-21 ASB Extracurricular Report

2021-22 ASB Extracurricular Report


Dr. Simone Sangster
Assistant Superintendent