Guiding Principles: Our district will need to reprioritize how we allocate our resources. These principles will help guide decisions, which may include cutting staff and programs. Each principle by itself is just one lens; note that some of the principles may create tension when put up against others.

  • Use The Bellingham Promise as a guide and filter.
  • Honor both the law and negotiated agreements.
  • Consider what makes the greatest impact to students, particularly those who have the highest needs.
  • Focus on additional operational efficiencies – where we can be smarter/more efficient.
  • Use attrition whenever possible – not replacing positions when someone retires/leaves.
  • Reduce/delay implementing non-employee related costs first – what can we cut/hold off in curriculum, travel, optional PD, furniture, equipment.
  • Look at most recent investments – what positions/programs did we most recently create/add/expand.
  • Compare state staffing levels with local levy contribution and look to reduce where local contribution is overly high compared to other positions.
  • Pursue additional revenue sources – legislature, grants, children’s levy.