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Health Benefit Options

This page will help you learn more about your benefits, review highlights of the available plans and make selections that fit you and your family’s needs.

Review the employee benefit guide, summary of benefits and benefit allocation and costs for your bargaining group below. BASE, SEIU and Teamster groups also have charts with the benefit dollars generated by hours worked per day.

Employee Benefit Guide

Open Enrollment Checklist


Getting Started

  1. Review the Employee Benefit Guide
  2. View the Open Enrollment Checklist
  3. Review the summary of benefits and benefit allocation for your bargaining group:
  4. If you are not a full-time equivalent (FTE) employee, then review the Benefit Allowance Chart. Full-time (FTE) employees have a benefit allocation of $873.97.
  5. Review the comparison charts to see the differences between plans.
  6. Each plan has its own summary with detailed information.
  7. Once you have selected the plan you would like to enroll in, you will need to fill out the appropriate enrollment forms below. Watch the How to Enroll video if you need help filling out your forms.
  8. Turn in your enrollment forms to Payroll by 5 p.m. Friday, Sept. 7.





5 p.m., Friday, Sept. 7, 2018


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