Open Enrollment begins Monday, Oct. 26 and ends Monday, Nov. 23. We cannot accept any changes or enrollments after Nov. 23. All plan changes will take effect Jan. 1, 2021.

Allowable changes:

  • Change your medical, dental, or vision plan.
  • Add a dependent/spouse to your medical, dental, or vision plan.
    Note: If you enroll a dependent/spouse, you must provide proof of your dependent/spouses eligibility with your enrollment form before your dependent/spouse can be enrolled on your account. Check the list of acceptable documents to submit on the dependent verification webpage (link provided below)
  • Remove a dependent/spouse from your medical, dental, or vision plan.
  • Reattest to the spouse or state-registered domestic partner coverage premium surcharge. The SEBB Program will mail you a letter if you must reattest to this premium surcharge for 2021. You can also check whether you need to reattest in SEBB My Account starting October 26.
  • Waive your enrollment in medical coverage. Note: You must have other employer-based group medical coverage, a TRICARE plan, or Medicare to waive medical coverage. You cannot waive dental or vision coverage.
  • Enroll or reenroll in a Medical Flexible Spending Arrangement (FSA) and/or the Dependent Care Assistance Program (DCAP). You must re-enroll in the Medical FSA and DCAP every year.​ Enrollment is through the Navia website (see “How to enroll” below)
  • Enroll or supplemental long-term disability.  During open enrollment, employees have a one-time opportunity to enroll and purchase supplemental LTD without providing evidence of insurability.
  • Enroll in supplemental life insurance (can be done at anytime during the year – not limited to the open enrollment period)

Click on the links below for helpful information:

How to enroll

  • Medical, dental, vision and LTD enrollment/changes: SEBB My Account
  • FSA/DCAP enrollment: Navia Benefits
  • Supplemental life. Complete the enrollment form​ and mail it directly to Metlife at the address on the form.  Supplemental life is not a payroll deduction, you will pay Metlife directly once you are enrolled.


  • If you need help with enrolling or making changes email to schedule a zoom meeting.
  • All plan information and changes can be found on the SEBB open enrollment webpage ​
  • Help with SEBB My Account during open enrollment: 1-855-648-3100
  • Contact the carriers directly:
    • Premera: 1-800-807-7310
    • UMP: 1-800-628-3481
    • Kaiser: 1-800-813-2000
    • DeltaCare: 1-800-650-1583
    • Uniform Dental: 1-800-537-3406
    • Willamette Dental: 1-855-433-6825
    • Davis Vision: 1-877-377-9353
    • EyeMed Vision: 1-800-699-0993
    • Metlife Vision: 1-855-638-3931
    • Navia Benefits (FSA and DCAP): 1-800-669-3539
    • The Standard (long-term disability): 1-833-229-4177
    • Metlife Life Insurance: 1-833-854-9624