If you signed up for a course through HRMplus Professional Development, follow the steps below to locate and record your clock hours in your eCert account:

  1. Log into your HRMplus professional development account.
  2. Sign up for class under Course Registration – Click on the pdf icon in the Info column for the course to view the course detail; be sure to enable ‘pop-ups’ in your browser if it doesn’t open
  3. Attend the class (whether in person or online)
  4. Following the class, complete the course evaluation in order to receive credit.
  5. Complete the course evaluation within the indicated time period (14-day window) — the evaluation can be completed in My Records, My Courses. If you completed an evaluation, a green icon will appear for that course in the EVAL column.
  6. How to access/print Clock Hour transcript:
    • Go to My Records, Reports
    • Click the drop-down box and select Bellingham Professional Development Transcript
    • Click on the course you completed
    • Select Preview
      • If your attendance has not been verified by the instructor yet and/or you have not completed the evaluation for the course, you will not see the course in the list.
      • If you do not complete the evaluation by the required due date, you will not be eligible to receive clock hours for the course.

Next: Enter the information from your clock hour transcript in your eCert account

  1. Select the PD Hours tab in the top menu bar
  2. Select ‘Click Here to Add Professional Development Hours
  3. Select or Enter the following:
    • Credit Type: Clock Hours
    • Approved Provider: Bellingham Public Schools
    • Class: enter Course title
    • Clock Hours: enter # clock hours earned
    • Begin date: starting date of class
    • Completed date: date course ended
    • Type of Study: General Study
    • Skip the small boxes (Suicide Prevention, STEM, Issues of Abuse, CTE related content) unless they apply
    • Comments: Enter any comments to help you recall the course or information
    • Save (or cancel if you want to start over)

Clock hours may only be applied from approved clock hour providers as determined by OSPI.