Support staff include a variety of roles in Bellingham Public Schools. They work in schools and across district offices to keep things running and to provide strong support for The Bellingham Promise. Support staff are assigned to a specific role, including administrative assistant; executive administrative assistant; network technicians, licensed practical nurses; District Office supervisors and staff.Support staff


  • Weekends off
  • Work where you live
  • Competitive wages
  • Paid holidays
  • Health benefits*
  • Vision and dental*

*Support staff positions range from 180-day (school year) to 260-day (annual) contracts. Staff are eligible for benefits if they are contracted for 630 or more hours per year.

Minimum qualifications:

Minimum qualifications vary by job. Please review job descriptions under classified staff. Support staff are also referred to as classified staff.

Hear from our team:

BJ Adams

“I came here, not just to have a job, but because it was something bigger than myself. I like being a part of an institution that helps the future and helps people become better individuals. This job is geared toward helping people. It keeps me motivated and drives me to be here every day.” – BJ Adams, network technician

“It’s always about the kids. It’s always about the service. What can I give to repay what I get back from the kids? Every day is different and there is always something that I’m learning from the kids, parents and staff. I have never run across a day where I don’t want to come back. Brand new day, learn something new, go home and start it over again.” – Cindy Batdorf, administrative assistant 

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