Teachers and students in classGreat Teaching with Strong Support

Our teachers inspire learning by creating and nurturing a classroom with clear and high academic expectations, rigor, love of learning and safety. Our teachers actively engage students in learning. They provide culturally-responsive instruction that reflects The Bellingham Promise, the district’s curriculum, and recognized best practices.


  • Weekends off
  • Summers off
  • Work where you live
  • Competitive wages
  • Paid holidays
  • Health benefits

Minimum qualifications:

  • Valid Washington State Teaching Certificate, with proper endorsement(s) in assigned area(s).
  • Strong skills, background and extensive training in your area of endorsement.
  • Demonstrated ability to connect with students, staff and community members in a mutually respectful, supportive and accessible manner.
  • Knowledge of and/or experience related to the state mandated testing and assessment.
  • Willingness to benefit from building supervision, evaluation programs and professional development.A student shows his teacher his artwork
  • Use district adopted curriculum and assessments.
  • Knowledge of and ability to assess and design instruction for a classroom of diverse learners (Multilingual Learners, highly capable, students with disabilities, etc.)
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with a variety of staff and stakeholders.

Hear from our teachers:

“Teachers have great power and great opportunity to shape kids’ lives. You end up loving them and they love you back.” – Rodolfo Riviere, physical education teacher

“I became a schoolteacher because every child has an inner life and I want to help each student express it, honor it and give it dignity.” – Julie Hunter, library media specialist

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