The Department of Operations includes facilities and sustainability, facility rentals, food services, health services, transportation and warehouse.

Facilities and Sustainability (360-676-6548)

The goal of Facilities and Sustainability is to provide a safe, well-maintained educational environment for all students and staff. This office maintains building interior surfaces in a clean and sanitary condition, to make sure exterior hard surfaces and fields are accessible and usable for their intended purpose and ensure building systems function effectively and efficiently. This involves many tasks including cleaning classrooms, sanitizing restrooms, electrical repairs, carpentry projects, plumbing repairs, heating and ventilation repairs/controls, mowing play fields, storm water management, moving furniture, managing recycling, garbage collection, monitoring energy use and more.

Facilities Use (360-676-6538)

Bellingham Public School facilities are provided by the public and should be made available to the community for use when practical and such use does not conflict with the operations of the district. District-sponsored activities, including curricular and co-curricular functions, retain first priority in use of facilities. Authorization for use of school facilities will not be considered as endorsement or approval of the activity, group or organization.

Food Services (360-676-6504)

Food Services is responsible for providing nutritious and affordable meals and promoting nutrition education. Food Services prepares and serves on average more than 6,000 low cost, nutritious meals for students at 22 locations in the district. Meals must be in compliance with the Child Nutrition Program, administered by the United States Department of Agriculture. The financial goal of the program is a break-even or better level of operation; however, the department also supports programs such as the snack program that do not generate income; and the district has provided some subsidies to help support the transition of the program. Income is received from federal and state government reimbursements as well as student participation. The educational goal of the program is to provide students, staff and parents with information to facilitate good nutritional habits that will last a lifetime.

Health Services (360-676-6455)

Health Services is a team of nurses, health room assistants, and administrative staff working together to promote health and prevent disease, so students can be healthy, safe, and ready to learn.  The team supports student health through preventive care such as hearing and vision screening and immunizations, by providing acute care and daily management of chronic health conditions, through monitoring and managing infectious diseases, and in coordinating care by communicating with families, students, staff, and community providers to reduce barriers to learning and assure a healthy school environment for all students.

Shipping and Receiving (360-676-6549)

Shipping and Receiving accepts all orders to for the district with the exception of certain items. The team processes orders and deliver orders directly to schools. Shipping and Receiving staff deliver interdistrict mail between our 22 schools and manage our surplus items list.

Bellingham Public Schools
Central Receiving Warehouse
2015 Alpine Way
Bellingham, WA 98226

Transportation (360-676-6546)

The mission of Transportation is to provide safe and reliable transportation for eligible students to and from school and to school-sponsored extracurricular activities. The most recent ridership report shows that staff provide transportation for approximately 3,400 students including students eligible for specialized transportation and McKinney-Vento services twice daily. Staff also provide transportation for students who participate in more than 2,000 sports, field and activity trips yearly. Transportation has a fleet of approximately 78 buses, 27 student support vehicles including six new traffic safety vehicles. The staff of 92, includes bus drivers, substitute drivers, mechanics, paraeducators and office/support staff. Buses traveled more than 857,442 miles last year and van usage for high school athletics and activities was 124,421 miles.

Jessica Sankey

Executive Director

Angie Ritchey

Executive Administrative Assistant

360-676-6470 ext. 6533