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Writing samples for end of year expectations:
Below are samples of what students should be able to do as writers at the end of third, fourth and fifth grade. Teachers monitor students work throughout the year to monitor their progress toward meeting these standard. Writers must be able to communicate using three types of writing: narrative, informational and opinion. The narrative samples below represent one type of writing.


“Let’s play hit the rock with the stick!” exclaimed Marcus. My friends and I were camping with our families and were trying to find something fun to do. My friend Sofia quickly grabbed a stick and was ready to play when…”BAM!” Instead of hitting the rock with a stick, Sofia hit my eye.

I screamed, running to the side of the campsite where my mom was. “Ow! Ow! Ow!” I shrieked. I could feel my eye began to swell like an inflated balloon. My mom quickly ran to the cooler for some ice. She placed it on my eye to stop the swelling. It was freezing! “BRR”, I thought. I wasn’t sure which felt worse, the ice or my eye?

Soon my eye began to feel better and I decided to see what my friends were doing. Marcus asked, “What do we want to play next?” I hoped it wouldn’t involve any sticks or rocks. “Hide n’ Go Seek” I yelled out rubbing the wound over my eye. 

Examples courtesy of Common Core State Standards and DMA Associates

For more information and examples please visit the Common Core State Standards Initiative website.