Research shows that teenagers who take a driver’s education class are much safer on the road. This semester-long course will focus on traffic safety education and personal finance through a blended semester developing student independence. The traffic safety education quarter will cover the state requirements for earning a driver’s license in the state of Washington. Students will be required to complete  a minimum of six hours of supervised drives with a certificated driving instructor outside of the school day. Students are required to have a driving permit during or prior to taking this course. The personal finance quarter will cover topics directly related to the details of purchasing and owning an automobile. Topics will include financial decision making, money management, spending and saving, investing, risk management and insurance. Students will need to have a driver’s permit to participate.


Resources and Course Documents:

Traffic Safety Education Course Expectations and Consent Document

Department of Licensing Driver’s Guide (multiple languages available)

OSPI Traffic Safety Education

Covid-19 Driving Documents

Phase 2 Training              Mitigation/Recovery Plan       Exposure Control

Windows Open                 TSE Health Screening           Hand Hygiene

Cough and Sneezes         Help Prevent the spread


To obtain your driver’s permit, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Visit the Washington State Department of Licensing License Express website.
  2. Click the Join now! button, then click Join now! This active link will open a secure pre-registration window where you will input your personal information for the DOL permit.
  3. Select: License eXpress for individuals.
  4. Select: Pre-apply for my first Washington driver permit, driver license or ID card.
  5. Once you have completed the “tell us who you are” information on this online form – you will be given a 12-character identification number that will start with the first letters of your last name. This is your permit number and eventually your driver’s license number.
  6. Once you have your permit number – email the 12 digit number to: She will cross reference your academic course enrollment to confirm for the DOL that you are enrolled in the Bellingham Public Schools Traffic Safety Course.
  7. After Ms. Montague has received the DOL confirmation from your permit-entry, she will email you to confirm your approved course status with the DOL.
  8. After receiving this confirmation, you will be eligible to go to the Department of Licensing and pick up your permit. The DOL in Bellingham is located at 4180 Cordata Parkway, Suite A, 98226.
  9. You will need to bring approved ID and social security number – see DOL website for approved ID options.
  10. Bring $25 to cover the cost of your permit (cash, card or checks accepted at most offices)
  11. A parent or guardian must be present with proof of their relationship to you (birth certificate, etc.) Please refer to the DOL requirements for permit details.

Stu Soderquist

Traffic Safety Coordinator



Jeff Tetrick

Director, Career and Technical Education

360-676-6470 ext. 7605


Robin Montague

Administrative Assistant
Traffic Safety Education

360-676-6470 ext. 5105


Bree Ammerman

Fleet Specialist

Traffic Safety Education