Promise K is one of many early learning programs in our community. Bellingham Public Schools and our Bellingham early learning partners have developed a list of early learning opportunities for 4-year-olds in our community.

This list includes the following information for each program: contact information​, description/days and hours of operation​, enrollment information​ and eligibility requirements.

If you would like to be included on this list please contact Gladys Serrano

Early Learning Community Partners

Barefeet Farm School

Program Contact
(360) 441-2275

Program Description
BFS is a licensed outdoor, play based, child led preschool that focuses on cultivating social emotional skills and a connection with the natural world. Children explore an outdoor classroom as well as creek, wetland, and forest spaces.

Duration (days/time)
Monday-Thursday 8:30-12:30, Tuesday/Thursday 1:00-5:00: September-June. Summer camp: June-August, times vary.

Eligibility Requirements (Residency, age , income)
3-5 year olds who can use the bathroom independently.

Enrollment Information
More information is available at or on Instagram @barefeetfarmschool. Mid year enrollments are accepted as space allows.

Blossom Childcare and Learning Center

Program Contact
(360) 752-2699

Program Description
At Blossom, we believe that children learn best through play and that the outdoors are a natural extension of the classroom. In our preschool/pre-kindergarten programs, Blossom incorporates curriculum and standards that align with each developmental stage. We strive to offer a holistic approach, including academic and social-emotional based models throughout our curriculum. This supports the 'whole child’ as they transition to learning environments beyond Blossom’s program. We provide a variety of age appropriate experiences and activities in the classrooms that focus on seasons and universal concepts.

Duration (days/time)
Monday-Thursday from 7:30am-5:30pm.

Eligibility Requirements (Residency, age , income)
Potty trained, and we are only accepting private pay at this time.

Enrollment Information
More information regarding enrollment is available on our website at:

BTC's Parenting Education Program

Program Contact

Program Description
Form lasting relationships with other families while your child learns through play in a fun, safe, preschool-like environment. Children can explore the dress-up area, sensory table, home center, and a variety of multi-age art, math, science and group activities as well as explore outdoors. Parents/caregivers choose weekly discussion topics and share questions, concerns and ideas with Parent Educators and one another.

Duration (days/time)

  • Each class meets 1x/week, Monday-Friday
  • Infants: Tuesdays or Wednesdays, 1-3pm
  • Toddlers: Mondays or Tuesdays, 9-11am
  • 3-5 year-olds: Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays, 9-11:30am (this class is also open to families with multiple children between the ages of 0-5)

Eligibility Requirements (Residency, age , income)
Ages: Birth to 5 years old

Enrollment Information

Firs and Fiddleheads Forest Preschool

Program Contact

Program Description

At Firs and Fiddleheads Forest School, we believe ALL things have been purposely created by God, and that through His creation, from the towering Fir trees to the young fern gardens, He is whispering, “you are loved.”

We aim to give children the opportunity to explore and discover the wonders of God’s creation, to foster curiosity, and to provide room for possibility and adventure. As teachers offer guidance and instruction, they will not constrict a child’s learning to fit a specific curriculum, but harness the child’s natural interests and curiosity to spark creativity and problem solving. We hope to convey that life has boundaries but not always walls, and to foster a sense of wonder in play and learning that will lead students to be successful in school and life.
Duration (days/time)
Tues/Thurs option 8-12, 12:30-4:30
Mon/Wed/Fri option 8-12, 12:30-4:30
Monday-Friday option 8-12, 12:30-4:30
July-August PreKamp

Eligibility Requirements (Residency, age , income)
For ages 3-5 year old
Must be potty trained and able to tell an adult if they need to use the bathroom
Can follow simple directions
Does not run away if emotionally triggered
Proper gear for an outdoor environment

Enrollment Information
2-3 classes (12 students per class)
Ratio of 1 teacher to 6 students

Gabriel's Art Kids

Program Contact

Program Description
Early Childhood Education for Preschool and PreK Students

Duration (days/time)
8:30 - 3:00 M-F

Eligibility Requirements (Residency, age , income)
Must be 2.5 to 5 years old

Enrollment Information
Rolling enrollment throughout the year if space is available.

Gardenview Montessori School

Program Contact

Program Description

The mission of Gardenview Montessori is to evoke children’s love of learning using a Montessori curriculum to serve the needs of the whole child. Our mission is to provide an environment that will enable children and adults to realize and express their innate goodness, their joy in learning and their responsibility as caring, peaceful, global citizens.

We believe children should be offered respect and encouragement to explore, to question, to repeat, and to perfect their skills.  The carefully created and beautifully maintained environment promotes freedom of movement and a developing sense of order.

Duration (days/time)

*September to June:  8:30 am - 3:30 pm  Monday through Friday

*Summer Camp:  9:00-2:00 Monday through Friday

Eligibility Requirements (Residency, age , income)

*Sprouts:  Age 18 months to 3 years

*Beans:  Age 3 to 6 years (must be potty trained)

Accepts DSHS Working Connections payments (information and income guidelines can be found here:

Enrollment Information

Admission information can be found here:

  • Sprout Class:  10 students
  • Beans Class:  20 students
Generations Early Learning & Family Center

Program Contact

Program Description
Generations Early Learning & Family Center is a non-profit childcare center within Mt. Baker Care Center and Summit Place Assisted Living. Our program blends two types of institutional care, childcare and residential care facilities, to produce the marvelous result of a multigenerational living and learning community.

Duration (days/time)
Monday-Friday 6:30am-6:00pm, full-day care only

Eligibility Requirements (Residency, age , income)

  • We serve children 12 months through 6 years of age.
  • We provide an in-house Tuition Assistance program to help income-eligible families who do not otherwise qualify for financial assistance (DSHS/ECEAP) pay for their childcare bill.

Enrollment Information

  • Visit our website to find our free waitlist.
  • Rainbow Room: 12-18mo: 9 children
  • Garden Room: 18mo-3yrs: 12 children
  • Forest Room: 3-4yrs: 19 children
  • Ocean Room: 4-5/6yrs: 20 children
Kid’s Central Preschool

Program Contact

Program Description
Kids’ Central Preschool is a Christian, play based, early learning school that encourages children to experiment and explore their environment. Our goal is that every child will feel successful and know that they are a beloved child of God.

Duration (days/time)

  • Monday through Thursday
  • 9am to noon
  • Extended hours for Pre-kindergartners

Eligibility Requirements (Residency, age , income)

  • Ages three to five
  • Potty trained
  • Year round enrollments accepted

Enrollment Information

See website

Lakeside Cooperative Preschool

Program Contact
4401 Academy Street Bellingham, WA 98225

Program Description
Lakeside Cooperative Preschool is a parent-operated cooperative preschool affiliated with Whatcom Community College’s Parenting Education program. Our Preschool and Pre-K classes for 3 -5 year old children are taught by dynamic, highly-qualified teachers who focus on building social-emotional and kindergarten-readiness skills through play and fun developmentally-appropriate learning activities.  Parents actively participate in their child's education by working in the classroom 1-2 days per month, helping with preschool operations, fundraising to keep tuition affordable, and connecting with one another at monthly parenting discussion meetings.

Duration (days/time)

  • September - end of May
  • 4-5 year olds can participate in:
    • AM Multi-Age PreschoolPre-K class (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 8:15 - 11:00 am) OR
    • PM Pre-K Class (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 11:45 - 2:45 pm)

Eligibility Requirements (Residency, age , income)

  • 3-5 year olds
  • Open to any family who is able to participate in cooperative preschool responsibilities (classroom work days, monthly parent meetings, parent job).  Tuition-based enrollment, with some tuition assistance available to qualifying families.  Students referred by Bellingham Public Schools assessment team attend tuition-free.

Enrollment Information

  • ~39 families
  • 3 classes of ~13 students
  • Enrollment begins in late January for the following fall, with continuous enrollment if spaces remain available.
  • Contact for more information.
Lichen Early Learning

Program Contact
Natalie Hathaway (she/her)
(360) 386-5256

Program Description
We are a small, licensed, early learning program, providing all-outdoor preschool classes on a local organic farm 15 minutes north of downtown Bellingham. Our purpose is to cultivate an environment where children, families, and community are celebrated and valued through a holistic, nature-based learning experience. With a student to teacher ratio of 4:1, we strive to build meaningful relationships with our students and their families, creating a positive and supported first school experience.

Duration (days/time)

  • M-F
  • 8:30 AM - 1:30 PM
  • September 1st - June 30th

Eligibility Requirements (Residency, age , income)
Students are required to be age 3-5 by September 1st of the school year. We also require that students are "potty confident" meaning that they have a strong foundation of potty training skills (independence with layers, knowing when they need to go, etc.) so that they can get the most out of (and can adjust to the novelty of) the outdoor learning environment.

Enrollment Information
We cap our program at 18-20 students total with options for 2, 3, 4, and 5 day/week schedules. Enrollment opens online in March/April for the following school year.

Loving Space Kindergarten

Program Contact
1204 Ellis Street  Bellingham, WA 98225

Program Description
Loving Space Kindergarten is the perfect place for families who want their child’s kindergarten experience to be special. We offer warm and playful teachers and inspired curriculum. Our kindergarten provides an intimate, comfortable, and creative setting where each child’s individual level of learning can be met. Elementary school teachers tell us they can pick an alumni Loving Space student out by their confidence, motivation to learn and their kindness to others.

Duration (days/time)
Monday - Thursday

Eligibility Requirements (Residency, age , income)

  • 5-6 years old
  • Barter and work trade available

Enrollment Information

  • We have 24 students and 3 teachers + one parent helper
  • Open House March 12 from 10-2 bring your child!
Loving Space Preschool

Program Contact
1200 Ellis Street  Bellingham, WA 98225

Program Description
Loving Space, est. in 1993, is a play-based preschool programs that enhances children’s innate creativity & curiosity and supports the  development of their emotional intelligence.  We provide unhurried opportunities for both indoor & outdoor, quiet & focused, BiG & messy PLAY experiences.

Our dedicated, long term staff are the foundation of our Loving Community.

Children who attend Loving Space feel heard & celebrated for who they are.

Duration (days/time)

  • Morning Program 8:30-12:30
    • 2 Day (M/W or T/Th)
    • 3 Day (M/W/F or T/Th/F)
    • 4 Day (M-Th)
    • 5 Day (M-F)
  • Afternoon Program 1-4:30
    2 Day (M/W or T/Th)
    4 Day (M-Th)

Eligibility Requirements (Residency, age , income)

  • Ages 3-5 year olds
    • Toilet Independence not required
    • Work Trade Opportunities Available
    • Families looking for Community support

Enrollment Information

  • September through June
  • Our programs accommodate up to 27 kids with 5 teachers
  • Open House for 2023-24 Enrollment
    • Sunday March 12th 10-2
    • Bring your preschooler!
Little Darling School Inc.

Program Contact

Program Description
Each child is guided with an individualized approach, using carefully curated environments and emergent curriculum. Our school provides a gateway to discovery and learning, with opportunities to explore and engage in art, literature, math, music, language, science, movement, dramatic and outdoor play, with a focus on socialization, emotional awareness and creating a thirst for learning

Duration (days/time)

  • M-F
  • 7:30-5:30
  • 3 full preschool programs in a day

Eligibility Requirements (Residency, age, income)

  • 2.5 years with a readiness tour
  • 3-6 years
  • 2-day minimum attendance at 3 hours minimum per day
  • All food included

Enrollment Information

  • Application for waitlist found on website
  • Attendance of an open house required
  • Open houses are held on the second Saturday of each month from 9:00-10:00
  • Please RSVP to 360-393-5255
  • Acceptance letters go out end of February for the following year
  • Enrollment happens year-round when space is available
Opportunity Council

Program Contact

Program Description
Preschool (ages 3-5)
Classes are offered four days a week. In addition to high-quality learning environments, Preschool services include quarterly home visits and school conferences to establish child and family goals.

Duration (days/time)

  • September to June
  • Tuesday – Friday
  • Varying schedules for both part-day and school day options

Eligibility Requirements (Residency, age , income)
Meet income guidelines, families on public assistance, Basic Food Assistance (SNAP) homeless, children with special needs, foster children, families who exceed income guidelines encouraged to apply, limited slots for families who exceed income guidelines available.

Enrollment Information

  • 206 children
  • 12 classrooms, 16-18 children in each
  • 5 additional childcare slots available in a childcare center
The Seedlings Early Learning Center

Program Contact

Program Description
At The Seedlings Early Learning Center, we cultivate a solid foundation by promoting attachment through relationship-based care and teaching. We believe that children learn through exploration and play so we provide a rich environment with low child to teacher ratios. Our preschool child:teacher ratio is 7:1. Call to hear about other age groups.

Duration (days/time)

  • Year-round
  • Full Day
  • Monday-Friday
  • 6:45am-6:00pm

Eligibility Requirements (Residency, age , income)
1 Month-6 years (Pre-K). We take private pay and state pay. All spots are full day 6-10 hours of care for a child. Most children attend all 5 days full time, but there are some partial week spots meaning children might attend 1-4 full days per week. These spots are limited.

Enrollment Information
Families can visit the website or call to get on the waitlist. There is no cost to get on the waitlist. Once a spot is open, the family will be called and a tour will be set up. If the family feels The Seedlings is a good fit for them, they pay a deposit to hold the spot.

WCC Co-op preschools/Parenting Education program

Program Contact

Program Description
Whatcom Community College (WCC) offers parenting education and family support programs via WCC-affiliated cooperative preschools to meet the changing needs of families. Based on the belief that parents are the first and most important teachers of their children, cooperative preschools offer an educational experience for both parents and children.

Parents/caregivers enroll in a 3 credit WCC Parent Education class and a child is enrolled in one of four WCC-affiliated preschools in Bellingham or Lynden. Children attend preschool 3-4 days a week and parents/caregivers actively participate in the running of the cooperative preschool, and may complete a certificate in Parenting Education after two years of enrollment.

What ages of children can attend?
Most preschools are designed for 3 to 5 year olds. Although exceptions are made occasionally, your child must be 3 years of age by August 31 to enroll, unless it is a class designed specifically for toddlers. Different programs are offered at each preschool.  Most preschools offer programs for ages 2 1/5 to 5 year olds. Please visit the preschools websites for more information.

What do parents do?

  • Work in the classroom, assisting the professional teacher, on a regular basis (typically twice a month).
  • Help manage the school by performing a job like serving on the board or helping to organize field trips.
  • Attend monthly meetings and parent education classes. Topics include such favorites as discipline and sibling rivalry.
  • Participate in fundraising events.

What do the children do?
The preschool program is run by each school's professional teacher and is developmentally appropriate. Children typically have experiences in art, dramatic play, fine and large motor activities, music, snacks and more.

Duration (days/time)
Varies by location.

Eligibility Requirements (Residency, age , income)
Family obligations for the school year as cooperative members:

  • Fundraising
  • Volunteering in the classroom 2-3 times a month
  • Have a job to support the operations of the preschool (field trip coordinator, playdough maker, book orders, board member, scheduler, etc.)
  • Attend monthly evening parenting education meetings

Enrollment Information

Children's co-op preschool
Bellingham Family Partnership Program (formerly Larrabee Elementary)
1409 18th St.
Bellingham, WA 98225

Lakeside Co-op preschool
Silver Beach Elementary School
4101 Academy St
Bellingham, WA 98226

Whatcom Family Co-op preschool

Two locations:

Happy Valley Elementary
1041 24th St
Bellingham, WA 98225

WCC - Kelly Kall

WWU Child Development Center

Program Contact

Program Description
The WWU Child Development Center (CDC) participates in the State's Early Achiever's Quality Rating and Improvement program. We provide high quality care and education for children of student parents and working professionals of Western Washington University. Tuition for student families is based on income and is subsidized by the Associated Students. The CDC serves 56 children ages 2-5 each quarter. The program manager and teaching staff provide a safe and healthy environment for young children, supporting the social/emotional, physical, and intellectual growth of each child.

Duration (days/time)
Monday-Friday, 7:30am-5:30pm (interim/break week schedule 8am-4:30pm)

Eligibility Requirements (Residency, age , income)
Children age 2-5. One parent must be affiliated with WWU as a student, staff, or faculty

Enrollment Information
Enrollment turnover follows WWU's academic schedule, with the majority of new families entering in June or September. Some adjustments are made to enrollment throughout the academic year on an as needed basis.