Five community members make up Bellingham Public Schools board of directors. Registered voters elect board members for terms of four years. The school board has governance responsibilities in these main four areas: vision, accountability, structure and advocacy. The school board believes that effective public school education must be directed toward common needs of all children, but must also consider the unique differences and needs of individual children. The school board directors are members of the Washington State School Directors’ Association (WSSDA) and follow the WSSDA school board standards.

It is the board’s role to set policy, develop clear expectations for results, and to evaluate progress. The board has empowered the district leadership team, led by the superintendent, to carry out the district’s daily operations in alignment with those policies and expectations, to pursue short- and long-term goals, and to resolve issues that arise along the way. This allows the board to maintain a system-wide focus and supports an appropriate distinction between policy and administration.

If you would like to bring feedback, questions or concerns to the school board’s attention, there are a variety of ways your voice can be heard:

  • You can attend a school board meeting and share your thoughts during the public comment section of the meeting. If you would like to submit a comment to the board, please email All board members will receive your comments, but they will not be read during the board meeting.
  • You can submit a message to the school board’s “Listening Post,” which is an electronic communication directly to the full board.
  • Board members also share their direct phone numbers for personal conversations.
  • You can always send a letter to the school board at 1306 Dupont Street, Bellingham, WA 98225.

The school board is committed to open governance and transparent communication that includes listening to stakeholders of students, staff, parents/families and community members.

Community engagement is a vital part of our school district’s success. Community members who have feedback or concerns for the school district (regarding operations) or school board (regarding policy) are encouraged to contact the person closest to the situation first to have their issue addressed most effectively and efficiently.

School Board Meetings

  • Please note: at its Jan. 18, 2023 regular meeting, the school board voted to modify the dates of the remaining regular meetings for 2022-23. The board then formally approved new dates for its meeting schedule at a special meeting on Feb. 1, 2023. The dates for the remaining 2022-23 regular meetings are Feb. 16, March 16, April 27, May 18, June 15, July 20 and Aug. 17 (all Thursdays, at 6 p.m.).
  • Regular Meetings are held in the board room of the District Office (1306 Dupont St.) or Options High School for the purpose of adopting a consent agenda and/or approving action items. Reports and presentations may be included.
  • Study Sessions are held periodically throughout the year, typically in the board room of the district office or at Options High School at the conclusion of the regular board meeting.
  • Linkage Meetings are held periodically throughout the year, either prior to or after the regular board meeting or on another date and time as appropriate. Linkage meetings are held in the board room of the District Office or at one of our elementary, middle, or high schools. (Location is determined and publicized at the time the meeting is scheduled.)
  • Executive Sessions, if needed, will generally be held at the district office or Options High School prior to or at the end of a regular meeting or on another date and time as appropriate.

How to Attend a School Board Meeting Video


Regular Meeting Schedule

*Note: The original 2022-23 regular meeting schedule was modified beginning in Feb. 2023. Regular meetings were changed from Wednesdays at 6 p.m. to Thursdays at 6 p.m., effective Feb. 16, 2023.

Did you know?

You can submit a message to the school board’s “Listening Post,” which is an electronic communication directly to the full board.


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Agendas, Meeting Materials & Minutes (BoardDocs)

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