The Science of Adolescent Sleep

I recently shared a message with staff and families about a New York Times article, The Science Of Adolescent Sleep. This article summarizes the basis for making the change: to accommodate the developmentally-appropriate sleep needs, behaviors and patterns of adolescents. As this school year comes to an end, we want to remind our families about our new…


2017-18 Early Dismissal Schedule

I recently shared with you our plan for the 2017-18 early dismissal schedule. Since we have new school start and end times for next school year (starting Aug. 23), we will have new early dismissal times. We have spent many hours exploring numerous possibilities for our early dismissal schedule; the information below represents our best…


I’m Here

I’m here. This is what I’ve been taking away after meeting with some of our immigrant students and students who are part of our LGBTQ+ community recently. In the current national political climate, our message to our children locally in Bellingham Public Schools stems from The Bellingham Promise that all children are loved. Their presence…


New High School Schedule Recommendation; Input Wanted

I recently received a set of recommendations from the High School Schedule Implementation Advisory Group and wanted to share my current thinking and next steps regarding our new high school schedule, which will go into effect next school year, 2017-18. As always, I would love to hear from you and feel free to comment on…


Why Do We Need a School Bus Levy?

As we get ready to embrace autumn, we’re also looking ahead to the election, because Bellingham Public Schools is running a school bus levy in November. I’m happy to answer any of your questions in the comments section. If this is the first time you’ve heard this, you may want some background. An advisory group made up of students,…


Eliminating Pay-to-Play Athletics

We recently announced for the upcoming school year in 2016-17, we are eliminating middle and high school pay-to-play athletics. We will no longer charge $80 for the first high school sport, $40 for the first middle school sport, or for additional sports. There will be no athletic participation fees, starting this fall 2016. (If you have already paid your fall 2016 athletics fees, a refund will be issued to you.)

Why is Project Free Education important? 


March 2016: Facilities Update

I just sent an email to our staff, families and communities with an update on our facility projects. We are full of gratitude and excitement for our community’s support of our 2013 bond!

To get a full rundown of current projects, please read my message here.

What excites you? What do you have questions about?