Our Vision

We, as a community, make a collective commitment to Bellingham’s children. We will empower every child to discover and develop their passions, contribute to their community, and achieve a fulfilling and productive life. See Board Policy E-1 »

Our Mission

We collectively commit that our students are cared for and respected, and that they will graduate from our schools prepared for success. All students will be exceptional in their own way, with strong character, a passion for learning, and ready for the widest range of educational and vocational options to support a diversity of life choices. See Board Policy E-1 »

Developing The Bellingham Promise

Bellingham Public Schools, working in partnership with our community, engaged in the development of The Bellingham Promise our strategic plan.

A first draft was generated in January 2012 and shared with staff at all 22 schools, the Student and Parent Advisory Committees, the Bellingham Public Schools Foundation Board, employee association leaders, and a variety of other parent and community groups. Thousands of comments were collected at meetings and through an online survey. Themes were identified from those comments and that feedback helped build The Promise.

The Bellingham Promise reflects our School Board’s policy governance policies, which set desired outcomes for current students and graduates. The School Board meets regularly with parent, community and staff groups through linkages to gather additional input on our future direction.

Every school year, school and district leaders use input to develop a work plan called Priorities for Progress that support the five key strategies of The Promise. This is also a living document that is continuously updated and improved based on feedback. It helps drive resource allocation through our budget process. We are currently working on evidence and measures of The Bellingham Promise with an emphasis on the whole child.

Looking forward:

We continue to improve The Bellingham Promise collaboratively, so that our vision, mission, values, outcomes and work priorities are always owned by students, staff, families, and our greater Bellingham community. Together, we make The Bellingham Promise a transparent, online document that is easily accessible and memorable for all.

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What is The Bellingham Promise?