Alderwood Volunteer.
Alderwood volunteer in a classroom.

Update November 1, 2022: The Governor of WA State lifted the emergency mandate for school employees to verify their COVID-19 vaccine status.  Volunteers are no longer required to upload their COVID-19 vaccination information prior to approval.

Volunteers provide invaluable support in delivering on The Bellingham Promise to empower every child to discover and develop a passion for learning and be ready for the widest range of educational and vocational options.


Application Process and Instructions

Birchwood volunteer
Birchwood Volunteer

All volunteers are required to complete the online application which includes a disclosure statement, review of policies and procedures, and picture identification. This information is used to perform a background check through Washington State Patrol, a requirement for all district volunteers.

Computers are located in the lobby of the District Office at 1306 Dupont St.  If you are unable to apply online, contact the volunteer coordinator at 360-647-6848 for assistance.

Approval Process

When volunteer applications have been processed, applicants receive an email confirmation upon approval.  The process can take up to one week from the time the application is completed.  Approved volunteer status is valid for two academic years.

Check your approval status

Cordata volunteer Wayne
Cordata Volunteer and students during writing workshop

Schools can check to see if your volunteer application is approved and current. Ask a staff member in the school office or a teacher to see if your name is on the approved volunteers list. You can also contact the volunteer office to check your approval at 360-647-6848.

  • Parents/Family Members: Please contact your student(s) teacher or school for volunteer placement.
  • Community Members: Approved volunteers who do not have a school affiliation should contact the volunteer coordinator to identify a proper placement.

Volunteers Driving Students

Volunteers who can drive students in district vans will need to begin the Driver Approval Process with the administrative assistant of the school their student attends or with the athletic administrative assistant of the school their student attends if athletic or club related activities. No volunteer is allowed to drive students until this process is complete.


Contact Volunteer Coordinator, Jennifer Gaer at 360-647-6848 or email

Thank you for volunteering in our schools!


Jennifer Gaer

Volunteer Coordinator