Bellingham Public Schools

Attendance Areas

To determine an attendance area for a specific street or address, please open the PDF maps below.  The map enlarges by holding down the ctrl key and pressing the plus (+) sign.

2014-15 Attendance Areas

In 2007, attendance areas for Alderwood, Birchwood, Northern Heights and Sunnlyand were updated to plan for the opening Cordata Elementary School in 2011. When the decision was made to rebuild Birchwood, the last phase of those attendance area adjustments from 2007 was put on hold until Birchwood reopens in fall 2014. In addition, with the retirement of Larrabee Elementary School in June 2014, the attendance areas for Happy Valley and Lowell elementary schools have been updated. 

Middle and High School Attendance Areas 

The largest of seven school districts in Whatcom County, Bellingham Public Schools serves approximately 11,000 students. The district covers 97 square miles. Students attend schools based on neighborhood attendance area or boundaries. Elementary schools serve children in grades kindergarten through five; middle schools serve students in grades six through eight; and high schools serve students in grades nine through twelve. As enrollment fluctuates and family living patterns shift, school boundaries are adjusted periodically to balance enrollments.

For more information about attendance areas, please contact the district office at 676-6500.

For additional information, several School Board Policies address student attendance areas, specifically Policy, Procedure and Form 3131 (for in-district transfers) and Policy, Procedure and Form 3141 (for out-of-district transfers).