Bellingham Public Schools

Budget Process 2012

Documents related ot the 2012 budget proecess are available in the Related Links including the 2012-2013 Budget Report.

Budget Process Timeline 2012


Communication Method



November 2011-Summer 2012

Regular budget updates via website, email and newsletters

Keep students, staff, families and community informed regarding Legislative updates and budget development process.


January 2012- February 8, 2012

Issue call for above-baseline requests (what is not currently funded) and budget reduction proposals

Principals and district leaders work with staff and school communities to determine priorities and make recommendations to the Department of Teaching and Learning and Business and Operations.


February 2012

Initial review of above-baseline requests and budget reduction proposals

The Deputy Superintendent/Executive Director of Teaching and Learning  (for instructional-related staffing and items) and Assistant Superintendent of Business and Operations (for facility and operational-related staffing and items) review proposals and continuing processing with principals and staff to establish priorities and recommendations.


Feb. 14, 2012

School Levy Election: Levy Facts

Nearly 25 percent of the budget, plus technology, is funded by local support from levies that are expiring in 2012.

Levies passed, Feb. 2012


 Spring 2012

Build Springboard (draft) budget



 Late April

Present draft budget and gather feedback.

Video shared and survey open.


 May 2 through 30

Incorporate feedback and develop final budget.


 In process

 June 28, 2012

School Board adopts 2012-13 budget


 In process