Research and Assessment coordinates student academic assessment and evaluation efforts in the district. We support the administration of district and state assessments and assists in the use of this data in the educational decision-making process.

Testing Students in Washington State provides information about required state assessments, including Smarter Balanced, Science Measurements of Student Progress (MSP), High School Proficiency Exam and End-of-Course (EOC) Exams.

Bellingham Public Schools’ strategic plan, The Bellingham Promise, guides everything we do for students, families, our community and staff. The Promise directs us to develop students and graduates who are mathematicians and scientists, readers and writers and historians and global thinkers – outcomes that correspond with these state assessments. That said, we also strive to cultivate students who are artists and performers; innovators and creators; and honest and compassionate humans. One of our core beliefs is to focus on the whole child. Our state tests, Smarter Balanced Assessments, are only one measure. Why are we taking a state test?

Certificate of Academic Achievement Options

Graduation Toolkit – OSPI

CAA Options Overview – OSPI

SAT or A CT Free Voucher Application (pdf)

Waivers and Appeals

Assessment Appeal and Waiver Guidelines – OSPI

Special, Unavoidable Circumstance Appeal Application (pdf)

Accessing your Child’s Test Booklet and Filing a Score Appeal – OSPI

District Assessment Information

District Mathematics Assessment Guidelines provide information about administering and accessing scores from the Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) assessment.

District Kindergarten Screen Guidelines provide information about administering and reporting scores from the Kindergarten Screen (K Screen) assessment.

Testing Schedule

elementary middle-schools High School Testing Chart chart