Registering your child for school

To register your child for school you can download and complete the registration forms, but you must take them in person to your local school (during the summer, registration packets may be turned in to the District Office at 1306 Dupont Street). Registration forms can be found on our forms webpage.

In-person registration is required to verify identification and age. For students who have not previously enrolled in Bellingham Public Schools you will need:

  • Your child’s birth certificate or other official verification of age such as a passport, visa or DSHS Medicaid Voucher,
  • Proof of residency (your address), acceptable proof includes government issued documents, lease or rental agreement, utility bills,
  • Immunization records.

If you are registering your child for high school, you may pick up the forms at your local high school.


Kindergarten Information

There are 14 elementary schools in Bellingham, all with full-time kindergarten programs. Kindergarten registration begins in March every year.  Please contact your neighborhood school to register. During the summer, families can register their child at the District Office.

Children must be 5 before Sept. 1 to attend kindergarten. Kindergarten tours and open houses begin in May. Check with your school office for early entrance opportunities. Click here to locate your neighborhood school.


Kindergarten First Day of School

For grades 1 to 12 Wednesday, August 29 is the first day of school. However, the first day of school for kindergarten is Aug. 30 (half-day).


Why Full-Time Kindergarten?

We offer a full-time kindergarten program at all elementary schools at no cost to district families.  Students attend kindergarten on the regular elementary school schedule 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Please click here to watch a 4-minute video of some of our kindergarten teachers sharing their thoughts about full-time kindergarten.


Fill out the forms below and take them to your neighborhood school to register.


What to Bring for Registration:

  • Your child’s birth certificate to verify date of birth and legal name
  • Immunization records (if available ahead of time from your pediatrician)
  • Proof of residency


Kindergarten Immunizations:

Before a student can attend school, parents must provide proof of full immunization, proof that a schedule of immunization has been started or a certificate of exemption. Immunization must be provided against diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough), tetanus, polio, mumps, measles, rubella, hepatitis B and varicella.

Immunizations protect the health of your child, and the health of others. State law requires that children entering Kindergarten must have certain immunizations. For Kindergarten entry:

  • 2 doses of Varicella (Chickenpox) given on or after 1st birthday and received at least 28 days apart OR Blood test (titer) showing immunity to Varicella OR health care provider diagnosis is acceptable. Parent reported history of disease is NO longer acceptable
  • 5 doses of DTP (Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis)
    5th dose must be given on or after 4th birthday or 4 doses are acceptable, if 4th dose was given on or after the 4th birthday.
  • 4 doses of Polio – 4th dose must be given on or after 4th birthday or 3 doses are acceptable, if 3rd dose was given on or after the 4th birthday.
  • 2 doses of MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) given on or after 1st birthday and received at least 28 days apart OR Blood test (titer) showing immunity to Measles, Mumps, or Rubella is acceptable
  • 3 doses of Hepatitis B; dose 3 must be given on or after 24 weeks of age.


Open House/Tour Schedule for Spring 2018

If you do not know which elementary school your child will attend, please visit our attendance areas webpage or call 360-676-6400.


Alderwood: (360) 676-6404
3400 Hollywood Ave.
Open House: 5 to 6:30 p.m. May 23

Birchwood: (360) 676-6466
3200 Pinewood Ave.
Open House: 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. May 24

Carl Cozier: (360) 676-6410
1330 Lincoln St.
Open House: 4 to 6 p.m. May 24

Columbia: (360) 676-6413
2508 Utter St.
Open House: 1 to 3 p.m. May 17

Cordata: (360) 676-6461
4420 Aldrich Rd.
Open House: 1:45 to 4:15 p.m. May 10

Geneva: (360) 676-6416
1401 Geneva St.
Open House: 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. May 31

Happy Valley: (360) 676-6420
1041 24th St.
Open House: 1:15, 1:45, 2:15 p.m. May 17

Lowell: (360) 676-6430
935 14th St.
Open House: 1:30 to 3 p.m. May 17

Northern Heights: (360) 647-6820
4000 Magrath Rd.
Open House: 3 to 5 p.m. May 24

Parkview: (360) 676-6433
3033 Coolidge Dr.
Open House:1 to 1:50, 2 to 2:50 p.m. May 24

Roosevelt: (360) 676-6440
2900 Yew St.
Open House: 1 to 3 p.m. May 10, May 17

Silver Beach: (360) 676-6443
4101 Academy St.
Open House: 1:30 to 3 p.m. May 17

Sunnyland: (360) 676-6446
2800 James St.
Open House: 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. May 24

Wade King: (360) 647-6840
2155 Yew St. Road
Open House: 1:15 to 2:15,
2:15 to 3:15 and 3:15 to 4:15 p.m. May 24

Family Partnership Program: (360) 676-6424
1409 18th Street
Open House: 10 a.m. to noon May 30