Medication at School

If a student requires medication during the school day, either prescription or over-the-counter, parents must complete and return the Authorization for Medication at School, [Spanish] [Russian] [Vietnamese] form. The form must be signed by the parent and the licensed health care professional prescribing. All medications must be properly labeled and be in the original container. The form and medication must be brought to school by a parent/guardian. Designated staff members will receive RN delegation and training prior to administering the medication per policy 3416.

Self-administration of medication is allowed in grades 6-12 in consultation with the school nurse and if certain conditions are met. Parents must return the completed form, Authorization for Medication at School, to the student’s school. No health care provider signature is needed. Students found with medication without an authorization for self-administration on file will be subject to the district’s discipline procedures in policy 3200.

Contact your school nurse for additional information.

Life Threatening Health Conditions

Before the first day of school the parent/guardian of students who have life threatening health conditions must provide the school nurse a copy of medication or treatment orders, and any necessary medication or equipment. The school nurse and the parent/guardian will develop an Individual Health Plan.

A life threatening health condition is one that will put the student in danger of death during the school day or school sponsored activity if a medication or treatment order and an Individual Health Plan are not in place. This includes students with conditions such as anaphylaxis to bee stings, severe food allergies, diabetes and other health conditions. If the student participates in school-sponsored activities the parent must contact the activity advisor or coach and the school nurse to make arrangements. If your child has life threatening allergies, please have your health care provider complete the Physician’s Order and Emergency Care Plan for Anaphylaxis.

Medication for Overnight Field Trips

Parent/guardians of students who will be taking medication outside of school hours and are participating in an overnight field trip are required to complete and return the Overnight Field Trip Medication Request Form to their school five days prior to the field trip.

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