How can I find my snow route?

Depending on where you live, you may or may not have a snow route. If schools are on snow routes pick up times will vary. Transportation will make individual arrangements for students who receive specialized transportation which do not follow the snow routes.

  1. Go to Infofinder to find your snow bus route.
  2. On the top left type in your street address and click enter or Search.
  3. Look for the route with the “s” before your bus number and SNOW to locate your snow route stop.
  4. We ask parents/guardians to make arrangements for their child to get to a snow bus stop. For some families, snow bus stops may be within walking distance, but many are not. For those who live farther away from a snow bus stop, it is not recommended or implied that students walk to their snow bus stop.

Snow routes example

What does it mean when “snow routes” are in effect?

A snow bus route (or snow route) is a modified bus route that generally runs on main roads rather than side streets or through neighborhoods. Driving a school bus in some areas may not be possible during severe weather. If snow routes are in effect, students must catch their bus at alternate stops.

Please review the weather communications carefully to determine if snow routes are in effect for the morning only or for the morning and afternoon routes. Depending on where you live, a snow route may or may not be necessary. It is the responsibility of families to know if they live on a snow route. Bus drivers may also remind students if they live in a snow route area.

Families of young children are reminded of the Return Home Plan communicated with them at the start of the school year. The same information and plan applies for a snow route. Please make arrangements to ensure the safety of your child at snow route stops.

What happens if there is a two hour delay and snow routes are in effect?

School buses will pick up students two hours later than usual at designated snow route bus stops.


Rae Anne Thon

Cheri Wolf
Admin. Assistant