Bellingham Public Schools provides an easy way to add money to a food account by making payments through the online system called MyPaymentsPlusIf a food account balance is low, it will only take a few minutes to add money using a credit/debit card or a checking account at any time of the day from anywhere. Payments will post within one-hour to the student’s food account. Families will be charged a fee of $1.95 per transaction for making an online payment. Or, families can continue to pay for school meals with cash or check at their school.

First time registering? Follow the instructions below or proceed to MyPaymentsPlus. 


Step 1

Go to MyPaymentsPlus and click Register Now.

Step 2

Fill out the following information:

  • Select State – select “Washington” from drop down menu.
  • Select School District – select “Bellingham Public Schools #501” from drop down menu.
  • Create Account – enter your first name, last name, e-mail address, password and confirm password.
  • Click on Register button to complete process.

If you have already created an account with your e-mail address and try to register again, a message will pop up letting you know that that e-mail address is already in use. Click “Forgot Password” for MyPaymentsPlus customer service to e-mail you a link to reset your account password.

Step 3

Once you have registered, you are ready to link your child to your account. Before adding student information, please confirm you have selected the correct State and Institution: Washington and Bellingham Public Schools #501.

  • Student ID – Student ID can be found on Skyward Family Access Student Info page under “Other ID”. Please contact the school registrar for help with Skyward Family Access login and password information.
  • Student’s Last Name – Enter last name
  • Click on “Add Student” for the system to accept your entry. Repeat steps for all children in your household.

The add student screen of MyPaymentsPlus

Step 4

Select one of the menu options on the top left of page to make a payment, view balances, view history (payment and meals purchased), manage account (add alerts or set up auto pay) or sign out.

The account screen of MyPaymentsPlus

For student or meal payment questions, please contact or 360-676-6572.

MyPaymentsPlus app available for iPhone and Android

For questions regarding meal payments, please contact or (360) 676-6572.