Sehome Facilities Update

A Message from Superintendent Greg Baker

Dear Sehome Staff, and Current and Future Students and Families,

Prior to the end of the school year, we wanted to update you about our planning process to rebuild Sehome High School. This is one of many facilities projects that voters supported in the bond passed in November 2013.

Later this month or in early July, we plan to hire an architect for the Sehome and Central Kitchen projects. We anticipate a competitive process that will attract experts who are enthusiastic about the scope of work and possibilities for these projects, and who are highly experienced and skilled in high school and kitchen design. We have not built a high school in our Bellingham community since Squalicum High School opened 17 years ago.

This summer, our selected architect will begin to research the existing Sehome facility and property.

In the fall, the architect will help lead a visioning process to broadly engage students, parents, staff, alumni, neighbors and our community in sharing their hopes and dreams for the new Sehome. We also anticipate issuing a call for applications in the fall for consideration to serve on the Sehome Educational Specifications and Design Advisory Committee,  which will recommend schematic and design development drawings to me. Our Central Kitchen facility, which will be located on Sehome’s campus, will also have a Design Advisory Committee with a call for applications coming this fall. These two committees will have different work, but will need to coordinate during the process due to their location on the same campus.

This coming school year, 2015-16, will be dedicated to planning and 2016-17 to complete the design work. During 2017-18 and 2018-19, we anticipate starting and completing construction work in phases to allow students to continue to attend Sehome during the rebuild. We anticipate fully opening our new Sehome and the new Central Kitchen by August 2019.

I hope this update has been helpful as you head off for summer soon and look forward to these exciting projects moving forward with increasing momentum.

Happy summer,

Greg Baker



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