Seeking Input from our Community on Technology and Our Schools

A Message from Superintendent Greg Baker

Dear Families and Community,

I hope your family’s school year is off to a great start!

We’re in the process of surveying our community and staff about our work toward The Bellingham Promise, and I really value hearing from our families as well. You will receive a copy of our Priorities for Progress in the mail this fall.  It features many of our major work initiatives of Bellingham Public Schools to help us achieve our desired outcomes for our students and graduates.

One of our major work priorities is being informed by a Student Technology Think Tank, that is researching 1:1-plus (one or more computers/devices per student in certain grades, subjects or programs) to enhance student learning as part of our upcoming replacement technology levy. The technology levy, along with our replacement operations levy that together make up approximately 25 percent of our overall budget, will be on the ballot this February.

Please watch this video about why we’re exploring this technology initiative and then take this brief survey by 8 a.m. Wednesday, Sept. 16.

Our Student Technology Think Tank will use this information to inform their recommendation to me. This survey also covers topics beyond technology; we will use input from families, students, staff and our community to help us continue to deliver on The Bellingham Promise for our children.

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts about how we’re doing and where we’re headed.

Greg Baker