Reminder: Sehome High School Visioning This Week

This week marks the beginning of an exciting visioning process to build a new Sehome High School on the current campus in the next few years.  Please click here for an overview of the visioning process.

Thanks to voters who approved a bond to fund school facilities projects in November 2013, Sehome’s students and our community will benefit from an outstanding place to discover and develop a passion for learning as part of The Bellingham Promise, our strategic plan.

Our first step is to engage our students, staff, parents and community members in a process to brainstorm hopes and dreams for a new Sehome. There are many ways to share your thoughts:

Next Steps: The Design Advisory Committee will be formed and begin meeting later this month. The committee will take this initial input from the visioning process and work with architects this winter and spring to develop what’s known as “educational specifications,” or what type of learning and activities we want to make sure can occur in the new Sehome. A design for the new school will emerge from this committee work with future opportunities for more input during project update meetings. Follow the committee’s work at Sehome High School Design Advisory Committee.

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