2022 Facilities Bond Facts for Jan. 26, watch video

A Message from the Department of Communications and Community Relations

By now, you may have received your ballot for the special election in the mail.

We are sharing facts with staff, families and our community about our facilities bond on the ballot for the special election Feb. 8.

This bond includes the highest priority needs that were identified by a districtwide task force last fall. Visit this webpage for more information or our new bond FAQ, which includes questions we are receiving from our community.

Two areas of investment in the 2022 facilities bond include:

Safety, Sustainability and Accessibility

This bond would allow us to invest in improvements at numerous schools that include:

  • Adding inclusive playgrounds and play fields
  • Expanding Kulshan Middle School by four additional classrooms and replacing existing grass field with turf
  • Improving Cordata Elementary School traffic and parking
  • Increasing resource efficiency and minimize the effects of energy and water consumption and dependence on fossil fuels
  • Implementing more visible and meaningful sustainability practices in schools to increase educational stewardship

You can see a complete list of safety, sustainability and accessibility projects on this webpage under #5 area of investment. Click the expandable accordion webpage bar to view the full list. 

Current Projects

This bond would help us complete previously approved bond projects from 2013 and 2018. We need funds to help complete these projects due to increased construction costs and/or refinement in scope (e.g. adding bathrooms adjacent to our new high school fields).

Watch this video to learn how the bond would help our district invest in improvements at numerous schools to improve safety, sustainability and accessibility and complete our outstanding projects.

school construction site aerial with crane, building in progress, play head icon

You can get more details about the other planned projects on our website, including a new facility for Community Transitions and a new elementary school, view our other videos, or check out our progress on facilities projects built from past bonds.

If you have questions about the bond, feel free to contact the Department of Communications and Community Relations, 360-676-6520.

Thank you and remember to return your ballot by Feb. 8.