Attendance notifications for 2022-23

A Message from the Department of Teaching and Learning

Dear families,

Good attendance habits are strongly linked to student academic success. Starting today, Wednesday, Sept 7, we will begin sending attendance notices to parents and guardians at the middle and high school level via our new notification tool called ParentSquare. (Elementary school attendance alerts will begin on Thursday, Sept. 8.) Any unexcused absences will trigger an alert.

These notices are scheduled for 10 a.m. at elementary schools and at 5 p.m. for middle and high schools. If you have not excused your child’s absence ahead of these times, an email/text/app alert will go out. Please note that teachers take attendance at the beginning of every day in elementary school and in every class for middle and high school.

In our new system, once you have received the attendance notice, there will be a 48-hour window to excuse the absence in ParentSquare by clicking on Send Note to School. If you are logged into ParentSquare, you can read how to do this here: Submit an Attendance Note – ParentSquare (

All parents and guardians have an account in ParentSquare, even if you haven’t activated your account. Please use your email address and phone number to sign up. You can download the app (Apple, Google Play) or sign up at

For more ParentSquare information, please visit our ParentSquare web page, which includes a frequently asked questions section.

As an additional resource, you can visit where they offer tips to help your child maintain good attendance.