Condolences and Reflections

A Message from Superintendent of Bellingham Public Schools

Dear Families,

For many members of our community, this week has been especially trying in the aftermath of the hate-filled violence that occurred Saturday at a synagogue in Pittsburgh. Others in our community are becoming increasingly aware and nervous about the anti-immigrant and racist movements happening at a national level.

I want to acknowledge the pain, the fear and the impact of these events and these words and offer my condolences.

Our staff have a myriad of responsibilities including taking care of students, each other, loved ones and themselves, and I thank them for their tireless work. We continue to look to The Bellingham Promise as a guide. “We believe all children should be loved” is one of our core beliefs. I ask each of you to think about how our schools, district and community can double down on our efforts against hatred and bigotry to ensure that our students feel loved, as well as our staff, families and community, especially those who are marginalized. Please feel free to communicate your thoughts and ideas to me and staff.

I want to remind you that if you need support, you are not alone; we can help. Please contact your child’s teacher, counselor, principal, me or any trusted staff member in your child’s school. You may find this webpage of resources helpful, which includes guidance on how to talk to children about traumatic events and racism, and immigration legal services.

As superintendent, it’s a challenge to know how and how often to respond to every tragedy that occurs in our community, state, country and beyond. Thank you to the staff members who nudged me to send this message and know that I’m always thinking about how to keep our community feeling loved and safe.

If you’re interested in sharing your thoughts or reflections, feel free to leave a comment on my blog or email me directly.

Greg Baker

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