Connecting to your Zoom classroom

A Message from the Department of Educational Technology

Dear grade 2-12 students and families,

We are looking forward with excitement to the start of our school year Tuesday, Sept. 8. Here are some steps to test your internet connection and device settings so you are ready to connect via Zoom on Tuesday.

  1. Try this test Zoom link on your school-issue device (this is not the link you will use Tuesday. It is simply a test to make sure Zoom is working.) If you are having problems or need help troubleshooting, please check out our Connecting to your Zoom Classroom FAQ webpage.
  2. Review communication from your school and teacher to ensure you have the Zoom link for your first class.

If you have any technical trouble with the Zoom test link, please use the tech support form.

Come Tuesday morning, if you have any trouble please contact your school office directly; you can find the number for the main office here. School staff will help you find Zoom links or troubleshoot technical issues.


Your Educational Technology Team