Excellence and equity: two reasons to give before the end of the year

A Message from the Bellingham Public Schools Foundation

Dear staff, families and community,

As the year wraps up, we are inviting you to give generously to support equity and excellence in our schools.

Your gift today supports all students

EQUITY: Did you know that 32% of students in Bellingham Public Schools experience elements of poverty? Our “YES Card” program allows educators to say YES to a student in need so they feel seen and loved. It is hard to shine if you feel hungry, cold or unsupported. Click here for stories from teachers about our “YES Cards” program!

EXCELLENCE: Foundation donors bring big ideas alive in our classrooms. Our grants program connects teachers and students to the resources for a brighter tomorrow. This year, the Foundation granted over $50,000 – the most ever! Click here for stories about our grants program!

Your donation today helps bridge the gap between basic education funding from the state and the true cost of an education full of opportunity and innovation. Both our YES cards and grants program are funded solely by donors. Can our students count on your end-of-year gift?

Can our students count on you?