Happy last day and highlights of the past weeks

A Message from Superintendent Greg Baker

Dear families, students, staff and community,

Happy last day of the 2021-22 school year. After the years we have weathered as a community, it’s been a breath of fresh air (no pun intended) to feel our schools’ end-of-year routines and celebrations coming back to life.

Here are some highlights of the past weeks of school:

  • All three of our larger high schools received recognition for their outstanding academic/athletic status, and brought home a number of championships this year! Bellingham, Sehome and Squalicum all placed in the top five of the statewide Scholastic Cup standings, which is the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association’s most prestigious annual award in recognition of academic, athletic and sportsmanship excellence. Knowing how important activities are to students’ wellbeing and mental health, we encourage all students to participate in extracurricular activities and athletics. We also continue to look for opportunities to make activities and athletics even more accessible and equitable.
  • Our elementary physical education program organized another wonderful fifth grade track & field meet—this event has a history spanning at least 50 years! Take a moment to think about the work involved to gather 14 schools’ worth of fifth graders together for a huge track meet.
  • Incoming kindergarteners and families attended open houses, our fifth graders visited the middle schools and eighth graders visited the high schools where they will be attending next year, getting ready to make the big leap up. These visits mean a lot to the rising students, so they can start imagining their new school and schedule.
  • Sunnyland students got to tour their nearly-completed new school, and the community got to say goodbye to the 1950s building. Thanks again to our community for your continued support on our bonds and levies, which allow us to design and build these excellent state-of-the-art learning spaces for the next generations of students.
  • Our Community Transitions program and all four high schools hosted amazing graduation ceremonies honoring our students’ many accomplishments during their time in Bellingham Public Schools. And…it didn’t rain.

It takes immense work from our volunteers, community partners, families, food services, transportation, operations, and teaching and learning staff to support and shine lights on our amazing students. Thank you to everyone who works directly with students and behind the scenes to engage our students in learning and activities every day. You bring The Bellingham Promise to life through your great teaching and strong support.

I hope each of you has time and space this summer to rest, be revitalized and enjoy some of the beauty and activities our community is known for!

Greg Baker


Photo spread of five graduation photos with (1) Options graduation hugging principal (2) Sehome student holding diploma (3) Bellingham student returning to seat at graduation with a smile, (4) Squalicum student smiling and leading a line of students and (5) a Community Transitions student with a diploma portrait


Photo spread of four photos from the fifth grade track & field meet with (1) a Northern Heights student in the long jump (2) two Happy Valley student cheering from podium (3) a Silver beach student leaping in the high jump and (4) a Lowell student pushing wheelchair wheels during a track race