Happy Winter Break and One Schoolhouse Award for 2020

A Message from Superintendent Greg Baker

Dear staff, students, families and community,

Winter Break 2020 is upon us. In regular school years, this is a much anticipated break, and this year it seems particularly needed.

I want to express my deep appreciation for each of you. Our staff, students, families and community partners have worked through many challenges and hardships that this year brought. I am proud of how you have all hung in there and fulfilled what was asked of you, whether it was learning new technology on the fly, teaching and learning via little video squares on a screen, putting together meals for our students or supporting your child at home.

Gift of time

Over the next couple weeks, I hope each and every one of you can find some time to relax, breathe and take care of yourself. Please use this gift of time to unplug from technology and spend time fully with yourself and those in your household. While distancing from others may be hard, we know that it is the right thing to do big picture. Please stay safe as we move into 2021 where a vaccine against the coronavirus is just around the corner.

One Schoolhouse Award

I want to turn to some important work in our district that brought joy to many; those giving and those receiving. The One Schoolhouse Approach of The Bellingham Promise focuses on the sharing of resources and distributing them equitably among schools and families. This approach helps us figure out where the need is greatest and to do our best to fill these needs the best we can. As we end this unprecedented year, I think it is appropriate, if not perfect, to premiere our video on the 2020 One Schoolhouse Award. The important work of our food services team and many other staff and volunteers feeding kids has been a constant all through the pandemic, week in and week out.

Here is a video summarizing the One Schoolhouse Approach of Food Services and what this means for equity and filling the need in our community.

Be safe, and we’ll see you in 2021!

Greg Baker

p.s. I wanted to share an op-ed by Chef Jose Andres of the World Central Kitchen where he was calling upon our country to name a Secretary of Food to the presidential cabinet, underscoring how important food security is to the health and safety of our country, but the New York Times only allows you to read a few of its articles a month for free. If you do not have a subscription and have reached your limit, you may need to wait to read this until the New Year. Despite the paywall, I thought it was a fitting article given our recognition of food services! I am sure our team members could fill that future cabinet position.